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It used to always take weeks to sell a property. Now, a simple cash sale could go through on in one day. And there's no jumping through hoops to buy overseas. You could buy a second home in the US or an investment property in Europe without even stepping outside.

Buy real estate in any country quickly online and avoid dealing with a ton of paperwork

List your property for free, attract an international audience and close the deal fast

Offer your clients choices they've never seen before, like buying property with bitcoin

How it works

With Propy, selling property is faster and easier. You sign paperwork online. Move money in minutes — you can even use cryptocurrency. Then view a secure digital record of ownership on the blockchain.


Make an offer and sign all documents online to close the deal quickly

Deed Recorded

Title deed recorded traditionally and on the blockchain.

Deed Registration on blockchain

Save your recorded or pre-recorded title deed on blockchain. This will help you keep the ownership evidence forever on an unhackable ledger. We provide the blockchain address to paste on your title deed before recording. Price - $6 in PRO

We convert crypto for you

If the seller only accepts traditional currencies then Propy will convert the crypto payment and deliver the funds to escrow with the help of third parties with a conversion fee of 0.5% - 1%.

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Download the Propy app for instant updates on your property deal. There's no need anymore to wait for news from a third party. Know what's happening all of the time, no matter where you are.

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