Buyers and sellers are always looking for new ways to use technology. Thus, as an agent, it is important to keep up to date with the latest tech trends, including blockchain and smart contracts. Propy makes this easy with the new Crypto Certified Agent program. By the end of the program, you will unlock new ways to enhance your career and get ahead.

Become a Crypto Certified Agent and Support Blockchain Real Estate

There is good news for all real estate professionals. Propy has officially announced the Crypto Certified Agent program. The program begins with six original webinars that cover everything from basic topics, such as an introduction to blockchain and smart contracts, to more advanced topics, such as Real Estate Tokenization. By the end of the program, you will no longer be afraid of the word “blockchain.”

Crypto Certified Agents Get Ahead of the Competition

Become a Crypto Certified Agent and Enter the World of Blockchain Real Estate

Upon the completion of Propy’s Crypto Certified Agent program, you will be a tech-savvy real estate professional who has an advantage over the competition. By embracing technology and using it in real estate, you can cut costs, improve customer service, save time, and increase transactional efficiency.

How to Become a Crypto Certified Agent

Becoming a Crypto Certified Agent is as easy as sending an email. Just email, and we’ll get you started on the process. Alternatively, send us a message on Telegram @ with any questions or concerns regarding this program. Thank you for your support and interest!