What Does a Cloud-Based Real Estate Brokerage Need?

Cloud-based brokerages are becoming more prevalent within the real estate industry. However, there needs to be a rapid evolution in technology that caters to this sector so that the next generation of brokers can take hold.

If you are a broker, you might be looking for new technology in one or all of the following categories. You might even find that the new tech you are seeking already exists.


The sheer number of marketing outlets that a real estate agent can use means that it can be very time-consuming to look through them one by one. Platforms like Amarki allow you to manage your real estate marketing platforms in one place and deliver your marketing via automation. Another platform, Evocalize, is the perfect solution if you use Facebook for real estate marketing and want to maximize your chances for building a business this way.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Keeping track of leads, contacts, and customers is essential to closing deals. However, when you have more than a dozen of these contacts, keeping them all organized can be dizzying. Without a sound CRM system, your communications can fall through the cracks. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is built to make this process seamless. Salesforce is particularly well-suited to the needs of the modern broker.

Transaction Management and Document Storage

Speed, security, organization, and affordability are earmarks of an excellent transaction management and document storage platform. SkySlope and Dotloop have been used by real estate professionals for years, but Propy is the new and better solution. Using blockchain to facilitate transactions and securely store data, Propy allows real estate parties to engage with one another under a single digital umbrella.

The real estate industry is fundamentally changing on some levels. New technologies and methods are upending traditional realtor job descriptions and client expectations. To make the most of your career prospects in this changing industry, avail yourself of the best new tools that are solving problems for savvy real estate professionals.