How to Build a Successful International Real Estate Business Quickly

Building an international real estate business is no easy task; if it was easy, everyone would do it. However, you can build this type of business with the right attitude. Once you are sure that you want to pursue this path, you can prepare to start.

Get Qualified

Learn everything that you can about international real estate. Note that it is not like national real estate. International real estate is in a league of its own. Consider the intricacies of long-distance investing, as well as the pros and cons. In the modern era, many universities offer good courses. Either way, if you want to grow an international real estate business, you need information and education.

Get Licensed

Many countries do not have real estate licensing programs. Thus, this means that your national license will have more credibility. Additionally, you can attain an international real estate license, such as CIPS.


Information and qualifications aside, a successful international real estate business requires a good network. With a good network, you can stay informed about good deals in various locations. You can also leverage the skills of other people to build good partnerships.


It is just not possible to know everything. However, you can become an expert in one area, and you can trade this knowledge with others. This method is how all international real estate business endeavors succeed. One party is good at marketing, one party is good at finding deals, one party is good at securing finance, one party is good at accounting, etc. Become an expert in one area, and create a good network of associates.

If you are looking to do start an international real estate business, it is a big task. The most important trait that you need to have is perseverance. So, get qualified, get licensed, network, and specialize!