Propy Launched Propy Blog and Its Market Cap Reached $10 Million (PRO)

As of 3:00 PM ET on March 17, 2019, Propy (PRO) traded 3.1% lower against the US Dollar. Then, we saw PRO trading up 12.2% against the US dollar. As a result, PRO currently has a market cap of over $10 million, with over $1 million worth of PRO being traded within one 24-hour period. Is this the result of an overall market spike? Perhaps, but this increased trading activity also coincides with a unique release by the Propy team.

Did the New Propy Blog Increase the Price of PRO?

Coinciding with the rise of PRO was the release of Propy’s new blog to the world. The vision introduced in July of 2017 got converted into a powerful brand that is now thriving. Even throughout the crypto winter, the team noticed that there was interest. With the release of the new blog, interest continues to fuel the price of the platform’s native token.

Propy’s Blog Shows PRO Has True Potential

Unlike other crypto-related blogs, Propy’s blog is a multifaceted force of industry facts, company news, and real estate-themed entertainment. The blog is opening up a new world for people who have never heard of Crypto Certified Real Estate Agents or blockchain-based real estate. Inspired by Propy’s innovation, investors have started scooping up PRO in recent days, further driving up the price.

How to Buy and Sell PRO

On Bittrex and Huobi, PRO can be traded for BTC. Then, you can sell Bitcoin for fiat money. In the US, BTC can be exchanged for USD on Coinbase.