These properties have been carefully acquired, rehabbed, inspected, AND tenanted for you.  There is nothing more you need to do. Just add to your portfolio, and begin cash flowing immediately!

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Every property comes with a six month “Roof To Foundation” warranty…  Control your costs. Automate your wealth.



Unless you live in places where people want to live, finding a turnkey rental property to purchase and securing long-term tenants can be quite an ordeal. Most investors want to live close to their property so they can be around to perform routine maintenance on the property, manage tenants, and perform other landlord duties easily. Being a landlord is a lot of work, and being a long distance landlord is even harder. If you live in New York, but want to invest in property in Indianapolis, being present for important issues can be costly and inconvenient. With High Return Real Estate turnkey investing, you can invest in property in the most desirable markets without having to live there, and can take advantage of the very best price-to-rent ratios in the country. You can buy property for a fraction of the cost of rental homes for sale in other areas, where people will pay 5x the rent than they do where you live. It’s a win-win!This major benefit allows our turnkey real estate investors to invest in booming real estate markets regardless of where they live. This is a game changer for passive real estate investing, since the location is such an important factor forgetting the highest possible returns from your investment properties.


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High Return Real Estate stands at the forefront of all turnkey companies in America. Investors who use turn key companies benefit from the extensive knowledge, resources and networking capabilities that the companies have to offer. An individual investor may be able to do a very basic analysis of an area before he/she buys property there, but this may not be enough to ensure a profitable real estate investment.High Return Real Estate knows the neighborhoods and the markets. We know who’s looking to buy what, where, why and how… and our expertise is priceless in navigating the stages of a rental property investment. Our job is to know the neighborhoods, the schools, and the market forecast to predict popular areas for turkey rental properties. The best turnkey companies are run by locals, who not only know the area on a professional level, but also live and play there as well. We do exactly that. This insider knowledge is another major benefit of turnkey real estate investments and sets up for success from the beginning.



If you were to tackle developing a turnkey investment property on your own, a major factor in the process would be getting the word out that you have a vacant property. You could post something on Facebook, but only your friends and parents and coworkers would see it. You could post it online, but risk getting lost in the millions of other properties that are available. A turnkey company spends thousands of dollars on marketing to ensure your property gets in front of the right people. From online advertising to billboards, flyers and email blasts, you can sit back and wait for the offers to come rolling in without spending all of your time and money on advertising techniques that you hope will work.



Being a landlord means a lot of DIY, rehab work, and routine maintenance. It’s painting and plumbing and scheduling lawn care and pest control. It’s ensuring the property is in optimal shape and doing whatever is necessary to keep it that way. This is a full-time job, and for investors looking for a low maintenance way to make a profit, turn key real estate investing is the answer they’ve been looking for. Allowing a turnkey real estate investment company to do all of the “behind the scenes” work makes investing in rental property easy and realistic for someone with a full-time job, family commitments, and other responsibilities. The goal of investing in High Return Real Estate is to make the investment process simple, profitable and convenient. By doing all of the work, we allow investors to simply enjoy the monthly streams of lucrative passive income. It is the definition of “work smarter, not harder” and the ultimate option for anyone looking to add performing rental properties into their investment portfolio.