Global IoT
Connectivity platform

Moeco is a blockchain-powered platform to make all things connected. Roll out new IoT services quickly. Expand into new markets cost-efficiently.

A Crowdsourced DNS of Things

Moeco is built to become a DNS of things — a platform integrating various connectivity standards and connecting billions of devices across the globe. Moeco uses crowdsourcing to gain coverage and help businesses effortlessly adopt IoT technology in a most cost-effective way.

Crowdsourced network

Crowdsourced Network

Moeco brings together existing networks and private gateway owners by crowdsourcing its infrastructure — data from the sensors can be transferred using any smartphone or compatible gateway (even home-based).

Permissionless access

Permissionless Access

The platform allows users to collect and transfer any type of data from any sensor anywhere in the world. Adding a new sensor is easy and permissionless — just add its ID using a website.

Motivation tool

Motivation Tool

The platform takes care of payment and billing processes, and ensures exact data delivery. Businesses owning sensors pay for connectivity and the gateway owners receive money for each connection made through their gateway.


Open Source

Open Source

Moeco uses open source code to be fully transparent and to actively contribute to the IoT software community.



Blockchain technology helps the platform cut down on connectivity costs significantly by eliminating administrative, infrastructure, service maintenance or setup costs.

Data privacy and security

Data Privacy and Security

Besides transparency and trust brought by blockchain, privacy has a significant role. No one has access to the personal data of the gateway owner in any way and the gateway owner doesn’t have access to the info they send through their gateway.

Energy efficient

Energy Efficient

The platform utilizes LPWAN and BLE standards which are energy efficient protocols. By providing global coverage for LPWAN and BLE sensors Moeco allows vendors to use more energy efficient and less complicated sensors than those of the GSM standard.

Moeco SDK to Connect
to Any Gateway

Moeco is a software solution working with existing gateway devices. It does not require any hardware tweaking to connect any gateway to Moeco network. Moeco SDK is a code snippet which can be uploaded as a firmware or can be integrated into an application code. The data transmission happens in the background with no access to user data or ID.

Connectivity Solutions

Moeco launches with Moeco LR and Moeco BLE and will later include support for other connectivity solutions like Wi-Fi, increasing the number of devices served.

Bluetooth Low Energy technology
Moeco BLE

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

Moeco BLE network is based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology and uses the smartphones of regular people as BLE gateways. Anyone could become a gateway by installing an app with Moeco SDK (The Moeco official app or other multiple partners).

The platform allows the usage of beacon-like sensors that broadcast data without pairing. Data transferring begins automatically and works in the background when a smartphone with Moeco SDK is around, no actions required.

Moeco LR

LPWAN Technology

Moeco LR is based on LPWAN technology designed for long range communications at a low bit rate. Moeco brings together existing LPWAN networks and incentivized private gateway owners who can join Moeco network in a permissionless manner and earn money for providing the connectivity.

Every gateway automatically connects to the platform and starts transferring data from the Moeco sensors instantly without any need for technical setup except for the gateway firmware update.

LPWAN technology

The Moeco to Various Type of Clients

For Developers

Developers enjoy lower device production costs by building more energy efficient and less complicated sensors with cheaper connectivity chips than those of the GSM standard.

For developers

For Business

Businesses benefit from hassle-free deployment and seamless global expansion without the need of negotiating with connectivity providers.

For business

For Cities

Cities don’t need to build expensive IoT infrastructure — they can use their citizens’ smartphones and private gateways to collect any type of data.

For business

Global Coverage

Fast Deployment

Moeco BLE is distributed using mobile apps with Moeco SDK. Having 2-3 popular apps in partnership is sufficient to get a city or even a whole country covered with Moeco BLE.

Moeco LR can connect devices across a large area with up to a 10-15 km radius with a single gateway. Several dozen LPWAN gateways would be enough to provide full coverage for a large city like London.


Moeco is making a move by launching a pilot project in the 4 most developed IoT cities: Dubai, Hong Kong, London, and Barcelona. Starting from this, Moeco aims to go global with the ambition to become a worldwide IoT network.

Meet the Team

We do things our way. With combined experience in IoT hardware, firmware and software development and company operations we are ready to take on creating a new market standard.

Mit Gorilovsky

Founder and CEO

Alex Korolkov


Bill Pugh

Advisor, Smart City
Managing Partner at Smart Connections Consulting

Kyle Ellicott

Advisor, Startup Infrastructure
Founder of Read Write Labs

Kate Asinskaya


Ilia Astafev

Tech Lead

Marina Wolters Rihani

IR & Partnerships

Veronika Kraeva


Peter Langley

Origin Ltd

Emily Liu

Advisor, Business Development
CEO/Co-Founder at Eagles
and Pandas

Ryan Orr

Advisor, Business Partner
CEO Chronicled

Zaki Manian

Trusted IoT Alliance

Vasily Volontsevich

Chief Engineer

Kate Korneeva

Head of QA

Alex Mihalicyn

Software Engineer

Ilya Yurchenko

Software developer

Egor Abramenko

Technical Writer

Dima Lamkin

Software Engineer