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Stop Hiring, Start Saving

On average, you have to spend between $300-$500 per transaction. Propy's Automated Transaction Coordinator streamlines the Agents’ process between contracting and closing and allows you to spend more time doing what you should - close more deals.

Go Paperless

We believe in saving you time to enable you to make more sales. With online signatures and document storage, you can easily do that.

Streamline Your Closing Process

You can have everything you need to close right at your fingertips instead of managing multiple schedules, communication tools, or paper lists.

Easy Steps

Our platform will guide you on each step of the transaction. Making it easy even for first-time users to complete a deal.

Happy clients

Clients can easily sign and follow the deal on the platform. Our platform automatically creates accounts for anyone that you invite in the deal. Create transparency between all parties.

"Wouldn’t you like to have more time to focus on your clients rather than on the paperwork you have to deal with? At the end of the day you have boosted your productivity – it is a win for everyone."

Kelvin Kam

Sequoia Real Estate

Propy empowers real estate agents worldwide to:

Receive offers

Take control of your listings, and manage your offers from a dashboard.

Manage Transactions

Invite parties into the deal for a transparent service, sign and share documents online.

Close deals

Avoid errors, stay compliant and close your deals easily, leaving you with happy clients.

Join the family!

Propy for Agents


  • Blockchain security against wire fraud

  • Offers - Send, receive and track real-time

  • Disclosures functionality

  • DocuSign

  • Real-time compliance checking

  • Automated notifications to all parties of the deal

  • Secure storage

  • Training

  • 24/7 customer support