Benefits of our Blockchain Тitle Registry

Immutable records are stored securely on blockchain.

Our system features true scalable performance and it can support thousands of new records per day.

The Registry distinguishes with user-friendly interface and navigational simplicity.

Upload or scan documents

Record the entire data related to all participants, transactions and properties

Save all documents on the blockchain registry

Propy generates a hash for the record's key

Flexible & Adaptive

Our Blockchain Title Registry produces immutable entries with encrypted metadata. Plus, documents are recorded on distributed storage. Our tool is adaptive, robust and responsive and so it can accommodate the needs of global recorders’ offices.

The Blockchain Title Registry records all property related documents. Furthermore, it can create indexes according to the particular requirements of the client. Last but not least, it can be used as a web app on Propy’s or on the client’s server. Ultimately, the title register can be customized by the recorder’s office and so they can fully utilize its capabilities.

Title records can be published to a broader audience, provided that procedure complies with the office’s regulations. Recorder’s offices decide at their own discretion how and what type of data can be shared externally.

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Propy Registry is a unique tool that utilizes blockchain technology to secure a title for one’s property. Propy’s blockchain-based title registry is designed to record all types of property ownership documents and index them according to the particular needs of the client. Propy Registry can be used as a web app on Propy’s server or the client’s server.