Automate the home selling process in 3 easy steps

Invite all parties to the deal

Follow the notifications for each step

Complete the deal and receive the recorded deed

Cut your deal time in half

Engage all parties in the deal, including your buyers, sellers, escrow, and title company.

Each party receives a notification once they have to sign or approve documents.

The transaction will happen instantly.

From Offer to Deed recorded and free DocuSign integration, use Propy’s guided flow.

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Protect your clients with an anti-wire fraud payment gateway

Fully protect your clients with our payment solution gateway. Share confidential information such as wire instructions in our encrypted environment.

Delight your clients with an easy to use e-signature

Your clients will love being able to sign all deals online. No more juggling between stacks of documents. Manage and sign everything online with DocuSign.

Over 100 transaction flow templates for different locations

In addition to a custom document editor, Propy has partnered with multiple local and state associations to provide you with flow templates for your location.

"Wouldn’t you like to have more time to focus on your clients rather than on the paperwork you have to deal with? At the end of the day you have boosted your productivity – it is a win for everyone."

Kelvin Kam
Sequoia Real Estate

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We can create custom features to meet your business needs.

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