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Finally home-buying is as easy as buying a book online

Transact on Propy any way:

Traditionally using bank transfers

Using crypto

As an NFT

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Buyers, get your offers sent via Propy to win, and close transactions on Propy, free of charge, receiving the following benefits:

Don’t have a agent?

Use Propy’s Top Producing Agents to close transactions smoothly and securely, and also you’ll get a cashback.

On our platform you will find the best tech driven agents in the US

A real estate deal is stressful but Propy can make it fast, easy and 100% transparent. When you send and offer via Propy you’ll get text notifications when the seller side opens them.

With Propy you avoid wire or title fraud

Propy is a One-Stop-Shop Real Estate Platform that empowers all of the participants in a real estate deal. As a buyer on Propy, you will have access to the most transparent and trusted agents in the industry. We’ve processed over $2.5bn in transactions with 100% customer satisfaction ratings!

Don’t wait, start your Propy journey now!

Invite your agent to try it for free or find your agent on Propy.