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Tap into a wider pool of buyers when selling your home and close easily

With Propy you can sell a property:

traditionally using online wire transfer

using crypto

as an NFT

If you are selling a home, ask your agent to collect your offers via Propy, – this is how you won’t miss any offers. Your agent will put Propy Offer link on MLS.

You can also sell your home as NFT, while listing your property on MLS. Learn how to do it, by submitting this form*.

*Thank you for your patience. We have a large number of NFT requests and will respond as soon as possible.

Don’t have an agent?

Use Propy’s Top Producing Agents to close transactions smoothly and securely, and also you’ll get a cashback.

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On our platform, you will find the best tech-driven agents in the US

A real estate deal is stressful but Propy can make it fast, easy, and 100% transparent.

Propy is the platform that revolutionizes the real estate industry

With innovations such as the first real estate NFT, end-to-end secure blockchain transactions, and 100% transparency we pride ourselves in providing the best user experience and fastest real estate transactions ever. Whether a traditional real estate transaction or a crypto deal, Propy will provide with all the tools needed for a seamless and lightning-fast experience.

Crypto holders are looking for ways to diversify

Accept crypto as a method of payment when listing on Propy and we’ll advertise your property to the 50k crypto community. NFT your property and be one of the first in the region to receive royalty fees on subsequent sales in the future.

Let’s build the future of real estate together!