Most Transparent
& Honest Agent

As a celebration for agents who are at the forefront offering transparency to their clients, we have created this award. Honesty and Transparency are key values of Propy culture and we aim to raise the bar for the industry.

Why participate?

Homebuyers and sellers want to work only with honest agents. Period. We have created this award for all the amazing agents who value transparency for their clients, in conjunction with releasing our newest free Propy Offers 2.0. Great agents know that success in real estate is built through trust, and transparency is the ultimate trust-builder.

Important Award dates:

7 Nov

Voting Open

7 Dec

Nominations and Voting Close

15 Dec

Announcement of Finalists and awards


Transparency Award is introduced by Propy, a tech company focused on helping real estate professionals offer transparency to their clients via technology. Any licenced US agent can participate. Anyone can vote and the winner will be selected via public voting.


First 3 places selected by voting will get special badges. The winner gets the Winner Badge, 2 year subscription worth $1400, gifts from partners, and will be interviewed on a webinar, and for a blog post.


All nominees who will use free Propy Offers and share Offers with Sellers via Propy can play for the special prize. The nominated agent who will receive the most offers via Propy from November 7th to December 15th will receive $1000! Earn a great award just by being transparent!

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