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Propy’s Offer Management Platform

On average, agents spend over 3-4 hours per day on average, browsing through and showing offers to their clients. Nobody should be wasting this amount of time on something so tedious.

Propy’s Offer Management Platform connects to your own website for streamlining your transactions.Agents can easily search for properties, accept/decline/counter offers in moments, and receive offers directly at Propy’s platform.

Your clients can easily submit offers on our platform without signing up as well. All they have to do is provide their emails.

Why use Propy?

Complete, compliant, easy to use and free to real estate agents, Propy brings all parties in one place for a smooth transaction process.

It is easy to manage all deals from anywhere.

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Confirm emails with updates for all parties.

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Access historic offers data and files.

Maximize the value of your property.

Anyone with an email can submit an offer.

Courtney Poulos

ACME Real Estate

“I use Propy as a marketing tool showing people every offer they get, giving my clients full transparency. It has won me so many listings.”

What agents say about Propy’s Offer Management

"Propy focuses on the actual transaction from a Transaction Coordinator standpoint. All documents related to the transaction can now be found in one place. Propy saves me tremendous amounts of time and my sellers see the value I bring."

Rick Teed

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