Join COO of Propy and former broker Alex Tieu

In our survey, we found out that agents spend over 3 hours per day on average, browsing through and showing offers to their clients. Nobody should be wasting this amount of time on something so tedious. Find out how your agents can leverage Propy’s offer management platform to easily streamline their offers.

You will learn:

  • How to save over 3 hours of time for your agents with the right tool.
  • What 3 easy steps your agents take to set up Offer Management.
  • How agents can receive and accept, reject or counter offers.
  • How agents can easily show received offers to their clients.
  • Why sellers love the instant insights that the platform gives them.

    About Alex Tieu

    Alex Tieu is a former broker-owner with over 16 years of experience managing and retaining agents. She is currently the COO of Propy and very passionate about helping modern brokerages grow and expand with the use of tech.

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