The Registry produces an immutable blockchain ledger entry with encrypted metadata. The document may be recorded in decentralized storage. Institutional implementations and the types of recordable data are determined by the Recorder’s Office.

Propy's registry

Records can be made available to the public but any sharing must comply with the Office’s policy. For example, viewers may need to register or pay a fee.Propy’s digital ecosystem lays the foundations for a seamless, secure conveyance over the blockchain.

  • Recording standard documents related to property rights and liens
  • Creating searchable indices for vital metadata extracted from them
  • Scanning documents directly into the Registry
  • Searching records based on keywords
  • Configuration to meet institutional needs and be more user-friendly
  • Correcting or redacting records

The registry offers

  • Immutable records
  • Versatile implementations to meet client needs
  • Secure access and storage
  • Media independence
  • Resilience and ease of recovery
  • Unparalleled indestructibility of records due to extreme storage redundancy
  • Efficiency in terms of time and money
  • User friendliness and operational simplicity
  • Scalability to implementations that can support thousands of new records per day

How it works

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