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Ethereum provides an open platform that can easily store financial transactions.  From a financial technology perspective, it provides the clearinghouse that all actors in the world agree is the “state of the world” — there is no need for a central intermediary (lawyers, bankers, accountants) to establish the mechanism for who owns what and how that asset is safely transferred.  



Smart contracts can represent any sort of asset and can perform any sort of transaction.  For example, a smart contract could represent an ownership right in a larger asset or it could represent an access right such as a license.



ERC20 tokens are a standard for assets deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Representing security interests as tokens is the next evolution of this technology and will allow blockchain technology to further proliferate into society. 


Atomic Swaps

With Atomic Swaps, there is no central intermediary required to verify escrow or to perform custodial services.  Either the transaction clears in one piece (both assets move), or the transaction fails (neither asset moves).

The two Token waterfall


The Two Token Waterfall is a comprehensive framework for applying blockchain technology to the entire capitalization of a real estate transaction. The added transparency of the structure solves the liquidity paradox in private securities, and can be applied to a broad spectrum of assets in the world.



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Capital Markets

Fluidity is pleased to provide technology services to registered broker-dealers, issuers and financial institutions for tokenized securities. Fluidity brings leading industry expertise to help incorporate AirSwap and blockchain technology into traditional capital markets transactions with regulated financial institutions.