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Case Study​

Expert Transaction Coordinator Finds Transparency And Streamlined Processes in Propy

How Propy Can Support Expansion Plans for 2021

Who is Sara Hofacker?

Sara is an experienced, certified Virtual Transaction Coordinator in Orange County, California, specializing in transaction management services for commercial, residential, REO and short sale properties.

Propy will help expand her business, OC Transaction Coordinators, from handling 40 transactions a month for her clients to doubling in size in 2021. Propy’s Transaction and Offer Management platform helps Sara stay organized and reduces the chance of human error across all involved parties.

Sara was one of the first independent transaction coordinators in her area when she established OC Transaction Coordinators – “Modern Technology & Old School Service.” Now, with extensive experience in a range of real estate transaction types, she’s expanding services across California and into six other states with a network of transaction coordinations.

The Challenge

Sara wanted to streamline what’s typically a chaotic transaction process, especially in California, which includes countless documents and checklists to manage, as well as the need to minimize human error.

Sara was looking for a different solution for transaction management and Propy delivered. She wanted to reduce the mundane and redundant steps and automate them to streamline her transaction processes. In addition, she was looking for a platform that was easy-to-use and most importantly – secure and centrally located.

Sara Hofacker
Owner of OC Transaction Coordinators

Numbers and Facts


Independent Transaction Coordinator


transactions per month


hours saved per transaction


growth in business planned for 2021

The Solution

With Propy Transaction Management, Sara is able to easily manage and keep track of all documents required for each transaction. In addition, it solves the unique issues that transaction coordinators have when working with multiple agents/brokerages. It eliminates the need for multiple systems and gives her processes transparency, continuity and consistency.

When she researched Propy, the blockchain security functionality caught her eye, since it provides maximum security and protection against fraud for her clients.

Propy’s efficiency will be instrumental in helping grow OC Transaction Coordinators’ capacity and meet Sara’s goal of doubling the business in 2021, especially as the demand for virtual closings grows.

The Results

Artboard 47

Time Saved

12 hours on average saved per transaction, more than 450 hours per month.

Easier Transactions

Streamlined and simplified the entire transaction process.

Happier Customers

The agents she worked with noticed how much more organized she was which increased her client satisfaction levels.

Increased Transparency & Security

The ability to keep deal participants apprised at every step and the transaction secured on blockchain impressed everyone involved in a transaction.

Run your brokerage smoothly, securely, and efficiently

With the ultimate toolset for real estate transaction management.