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Join the Movement and Close Securely on Propy

Experience the most flexible, transparent, and secure closing process for agents, buyers, sellers and RE developers

Propy Membership and Tools



Join the community and learn about web3
Offer Management
Transaction Platform
Get notified via text message when new offer comes in
Improve communications with your buyers and sellers
Help your buyers win more bids
Close deals and record on blockchain
Get a badge ”Propy Member” for your social media


for Propy Certified Agents

Become a Propy Certified Agent

Educational Session and Guided Tour (1 hour) - $100

Propy Title & Escrow

Protect your clients from Wire Fraud
Secure Digital EM Payment
Live tracking on Propy's platform
Transaction recorded traditionally,
and on blockchain
24/7 technical support
Payment via US dollars or crypto

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For Buyers and Sellers

Buyers, sellers, don’t let your closings fall through, work with agents using Propy

For Buyers

FREE of charge, if your agent is our client

Find a Property
Find an Agent

For Sellers

FREE of charge, if your agent is our client

List a Property
NFT a Property
Find an Agent

U.S. pricing for additional products and services

For Buyers and Sellers

Find Tech-savvy Agent
On Propy
List a Property
On Propy
Escrow and Title Services
Below market fees
Sell Property as NFT
$8,000+ transfer fee
Buy Property as NFT
No transfer fees
Mint a Deed NFT
200 PRO tokens

For Agents

Crypto Certified Agent Course
List a Property
Free for Propy Certified Agents
Offer and Closing Platform
Free for Propy Certified Agents
Mint a Deed NFT
200 PRO tokens


Perfect for Teams and Brokerages

Perfect for Teams, Brokerages, RE Developers, REITs, and Escrow Companies