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Crypto for Real Estate is here and it’s happening now

Are you ready, or will you be left scratching your head?

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Crypto Certified Agent

Full course: $497

Learn everything you need to know about crypto, blockchain, digital wallets, and tokenization. Get smart about what is happening in real estate today, and be prepared for the wave that is upon us.

With Crypto Certified Agent, you will:

Lesson 1

Learn about blockchain and smart contracts, and how these can improve your daily life as an agent.

Lesson 2

Find out how smart contracts automate real estate and also replace escrow companies. Learn about deeds with a blockchain address for Etherscan.

Lesson 3

Learn the differences among blockchains. Learn what Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and IBM’s Hyperledger truly are and what differentiates them.

Lesson 4

How to accept cryptocurrency for a real estate purchase. Learn the difference between a token and a blockchain.

Lesson 5

Acquire intricate knowledge about digital wallets and exchanges, including ones like Bittrex, Huobi, Binance.

Lesson 6

Understand the near future of Real Estate Tokenization and STOs, and how the industry will evolve.

Lesson 7

Learn how to NFT a property. How to NFT a property and explain it to sellers.

Lesson 8

DeFi and Crypto Mortgage. Learn what is DeFi and what you can do with it. Understand crypto mortgages.

Skill Level

Course is suitable for beginners and experts

Course Format

Self-paced online videos with periodic live webinars


8 different online classes, plus bonus sessions

Artboard 47

Time Commitment

12-15 hours are needed on average in order to complete the course and prepare for the exam


Our instructors are prominent experts in real estate and blockchain

Certification Exam

You have 3 chances to take the exam within 1 year of purchase

Crypto Certified Agent

Full course: $497

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