Secure storage & wire fraud protection

DocuSign interface replaces printing, signing, and scanning documents.

Documents and disclosures are accessible only by the parties involved in the transaction.

All user's activity is immutably timestamped.

Automated workflow & instant reminders for each step

Automated process for agents, transaction coordinators, escrow/ title agents, lawyers.

Automated email & SMS reminders for all parties in the deal.

Full transparency and instant notifications throughout deal flow.

Flexible payment gateway

Bank transfers.

Payments accepted in traditional or crypto currencies.

Propy's Transaction Platform

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New technology makes it easier than ever for agents to offer clients a pleasant purchase and sale. Propy’s Transaction Management platform allows participants to share and sign their documents virtually, which not only accelerates the process but also eliminates the possibility of email-based wire fraud. Important documents like the deed are then encrypted and stored on a blockchain where they are safe from manipulation yet accessible to all parties in real-time.