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Transaction Management

Run your transactions smoothly, securely, and efficiently

With the ultimate toolset for real estate transaction management.

Join 10k+ agents and grow with Propy

Automate your transactions in 3 easy steps

Easily track and manage all phases of your real estate transactions

Upload your documents in our secured environment

Simplify your real estate transaction management and increase your productivity

Close transactions fast and easy with cutting-edge transaction management

Propy’s solution eliminates the need for multiple systems to manage your transactions.


Adoption of the platform for your team is seamless with an easy and intuitive to use interface.

Documents and disclosures are accessible only by parties involved in the transaction.

Take the stress out of filing paperwork and focus more on closing deals.

Make Sure Nothing Gets Lost in the Shuffle

Propy’s transaction checklist lets you easily pick, manage, and keep track of all documents required for the transaction. Add, remove, or rename checklist categories and document names.

Stay Organized, Increase Efficiency & Close More Deals.

Organize, manage, and track all documents related to your deals. Assign e-signatures, share, delete, download, rename, and split documents with a click of a button.

Easy and Effortless Compliance Review

Save time on auditing with Propy’s automated system. Transaction Coordinators, Auditors, or the initiators of the transaction can easily review and approve all documents related to the transaction.

Manage Your Documents Securely

Upload, download, and forward all your documents anytime, anywhere with our secure document storage feature. To make it easier, every document uploaded to a deal step will automatically appear in the storage.

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Find out how innovative brokerages recruit and retain top-performing agents by using the latest tech.

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"Propy focuses on the actual transaction from a Transaction Coordinator standpoint. All documents related to the transaction can now be found in one place. Propy saves me tremendous amounts of time and my sellers see the value I bring."

Rick Teed

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