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"Fast communication and security is our priority."

Anna Atencio
Propy Title CEO
25 years in the Title & Escrow industry.

Why Choose Us?

Streamlined and Efficient Closing Process


Direct instant communication with the closing team
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with timely updates and proactive communication, ensuring you are always informed about the progress of the transaction.

No More Delays

We are online 24/7
Say goodbye to unnecessary waiting periods, and hello to accelerated turnaround times that enable you to close deals with confidence.

Blockchain Transparency

We close your transaction with all the usual steps (i.e. recording the deed with the local county), plus add an extra layer of security by recording the transaction on blockchain.

AI-Driven Efficiency

Our advanced AI algorithms streamline the entire process, ensuring faster and more accurate document processing
AI enables proactive issue detection, minimizing the risk of errors and providing you with real-time insights, allowing you to make informed decisions swiftly.

Everything in One Place

All parties can view your completed documents in one platform, even after your transaction closes.

Local Knowledge

With in-depth knowledge of the local real estate landscape, we navigate the intricacies of each transaction with a personalized touch.

For Propy Subscribers

We Provide:

Marketing Support

We go beyond the traditional companies and help you with marketing ideas and strategies.
Social media posts: Creation & Promotion
Flyers & Broshures
Reels & Shorts: Editing & Promotion

Lead Generation Support

Access cutting-edge lead gen tools, helping you identify and connect with potential buyers and sellers more efficiently.


Secure closing using blockchain, and AI


Thousands of existing customers


Average rating for our services

Meet the Experts Behind Propy Title

Our team is committed to delivering top-notch service and innovation.

Propy Title CEO
Eric L.
VP of Sales
Sr. Escrow Officer
+1 (813) 586-4511
Escrow Officer
+1 (602) 813-0536
Escrow Officer
+1 (303) 865-7266
Escrow Officer
+1 (602) 726-2469
— Yo hablo Español
Sr. Account Executive
+1 (727) 428-8341
van Eijk
Account Executive
+1 (727) 255-8224
Account Executive
+1 (813) 761-5879
Account Executive
+1 (480) 757-4097
Account Executive
+1 (305) 504-7125
Account Executive
+1 (727) 615-4441
Account Executive
+1 (727) 316-5237


What Our Clients Say

What it provides is the ability for our clients to close from any part of the world with the ease and tranquility of being able to see the transaction in real-time, 24/7.
Oscar Paraguacuto
Real Estate Consultant at LUXE Properties, Miami
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I use Propy for all my deals and getting paid in crypto for closing traditional transaction is a hot place to be right now.
Lizeth Jaramillo
Real Estate Agent in Orlando, Florida
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With Propy, we closed on a multifamily unit. Propy were able to get everything that they needed from myself, from the client. Propy did everything behind the scenes, and they even worked on the weekends.
Tyler Triplett
Broker at Passkey Realty, Florida
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Jessica Carter was wonderful! She was always there to answer my questions and was always on top of everything. She was a pleasure to work with!
Justin Intorcia
Seller, Sarasota, FL
Propy Title Agency they are absolutely the best! 100%. I've been closely following Propy for the past two years, and my journey with them has been nothing short of enlightening. Their team members embody the culture and vision through the service they provide.
Ivania Arrechavala
Broker Associate at
KW Realty
That is so amazing. For 37 years I have lived in the country and waited days to get paid, it’s like a miracle.
Tamera Bourne
Associate Broker at EXP Realty
Another successful closing. Always a smooth transaction when working with Propy. The only title company I've worked with that will continue to work after 5PM and on the weekends. Definitely looking forward to more closings with Propy in the near future.
Trevon Betty
Real Estate Agent at Passkey Realty LLC
Hey Propy team, Thanks so much for working with us on closer and making sure everyhting went smoothly. Much appreciated.
Chris Yeh
Home Seller
The speed is amazing! Thanks so much, Jessica! Can’t wait to do another deal together soon!
Mary Beth Blackwell
Real Estate Agent at Out Fast Realty & Investments

Primary Locations

Not in a Primary Location?

We Can Still Help!

Whether you have buyers or sellers on the West Coast or East Coast, or 1,000 miles away, Propy Title & Escrow can meet your needs.

Our team can assist you with any transaction throughout United States.

Cryptocurrency and NFT transactions in any U.S. location. Fill out the form below to get started.

Kirsten Heslop
Escrow Officer


Propy Title and Escrow processes payments and records deeds on the blockchain using Smart Contracts. This means we can close more quickly, securely and transparently. Everyone involved in the transaction can easily view the status and progress of the transaction in real time. Earnest money payments are integrated directly into and through the platform connecting directly to our escrow account safely and securely.

All properties closed on the Propy platform receive a blockchain address and certificate.
While your title will still be recorded with the County Recorder, a blockchain-recorded deed provides an additional layer of protection and security. It creates a permanent record of title search and status, simplifying future sales and ownership transfers.
No. Our pricing is comparable to traditional title services. Please visit LINK to calculate an estimated net sheet, which will also provide property taxes.
Yes, blockchain ensures the highest level of security for your transactions. It encrypts and decentralizes data, making it virtually tamper-proof.

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