We believe in a world where barriers to real estate ownership are removed. A world where real estate becomes a liquid asset allowing anyone, anywhere to move in and out of the real estate market in the same way they do with stocks today.


Our mission is to facilitate the conversion of real estate to an accessible investment platform open to anyone in their world. To make that happen we’ve created Propy - a real estate listing platform, a transaction platform, and a decentralized registry, that when using in combination, serves to eliminate fraud and facilitate considerably faster real estate transactions.

The Propy Story

As real estate professional, Propy's CEO and founder Natalia Karayaneva - was constantly frustrated by how time-consuming, costly, and rife with fraud real estate transactions online were. In blockchain, not only was she able to solve those problems but expand the possibilities for buying and selling property online internationally.

After developing real estate for twelve years, former software engineer and Propy CEO, Natalia Karayaneva, had had enough. International real estate transactions required an army of brokers, lawyers, and accountants adding expense and slowing down the process. Knowing that there had to be a better way, she, along with a brilliant team, created Palo Alto-based Propy in 2015.
Soon after, they realized that blockchain was the perfect solution to allow for the creation of smart contracts greatly reducing complexity and cost, increasing options for real estate buyers, sellers, and brokers around the world.

A new age for real estate

Propy brings together an international team of people who want change.
Real estate has been slow to progress yet we have the technology to revolutionize the industry.

Our advisers

Your property deal is in safe hands at Propy. We're advised by some of the smartest people in property and technology investments to maximize potential.

Career Opportunities

If you're excited by the prospect of moving real estate into the digital space, help us make it happen.