We have been there too

As a real estate professional, our CEO Natalia Karayaneva was frustrated with how time-consuming and rife with fraud real estate transactions were. With every filing came mountains of paperwork to be filled, clients to be notified and calls to be made to other participants in the deal. This is why she created a solution that makes it possible to manage all parts of the real estate deal on one platform.


Streamline real estate transactions for brokerages, agents and their clients

We are automating the closing process for all sides to make ownership transfer faster, easier and more secure. Our platform helps brokers, agents and title companies migrate to a paperless closing.


Take your business to the next level

Next generation real estate transaction management software that automates all your transaction process. Track and manage every real estate transaction and listing quickly and efficiently with all the important details.

Included in our real estate transaction management software, the Deed Registration tool can secure your current and future deeds after property transactions are complete. Deeds are then uploaded and stored on a distributed ledger with immutable logs.

Blockchain-enabled title registry allows counties in the U.S. and state authorities in other countries to record property ownership related data on the blockchain. It is far safer than conventional databases.


A new age for brokers and agents

Our international team is here to help improve your business.


Supported by the best

Our advisers are some of the smartest people in real estate, technology and investment.

Skyrocket your brokerage

Growth and tracking become easy with Propy.


Propy is revolutionizing home purchasing across the globe by deploying smart contracts on the blockchain.
Our disruptive solution helps a buyer to find his or her dream home, a seller to find the best buyer, and the agents and title company to complete the paperwork online. All of these parties participate in a seamless online process.