New Features

Sign with DocuSign in Offer Management

  • The convenience of signing documents when accepting or confirming the terms of an offer.

  • Save time by having everything in one location.

  • Security of sending offers with documents through Propy vs email attachments.

Proceed to Accept

When you open any offer on your dashboard, you will be provided with the offer’s top deal terms. All documents submitted would be attached on the right-hand side for your evaluation. Once you accept or counter the offer, you will be allowed to upload files in the next step.

Adding Files

You’d be able to add files by dragging and dropping or using the dedicated button. When you add files, you’ll be able to send them for signatures from within the platform. If you want to send the rejection or counteroffer without asking for signatures, go right to the “Preview offer” option. Alternatively, select the file and then click the “Sign with DocuSign” button.

Obtaining Signatures

Once you choose the file to be signed, you will be sent to the DocuSign interface. Be sure to review all participants and choose to “Set order” or not. Note that when order is set, if the first person does not sign, the following person will not receive the document.

Completing the signature settings in DocuSign will display a success message:

Final Acceptance of Offer

When ready to accept the offer, there will be a final confirmation:

You may start a new transaction from here or cancel to return to your offers dashboard.

Video of the Flow

If you would like to watch a short video that walks you through this feature, click here.

Seller Net Proceeds

Calculate net proceeds automatically for your seller

You can provide your seller visibility to estimated net proceeds and use them in your listing presentation. Once you’ve received an offer for a specific listing, you may calculate the seller net by clicking the “Calculate seller net” button.

Enter them once and have them automatically calculated

You can set expenses as a percentage or a fixed amount, add new items, or remove existing ones that are no longer relevant to this listing. After you’ve accurately configured all of the items, you may automatically calculate the seller’s net proceeds for all submitted offers.

Make it easy to compare for your clients

The newly calculated column on the dashboard, like the rest of the top-deal terms, may be easily customized and exported. You can edit the current calculation and add new items to the list of expenses at any moment. This information will be saved as a template and will be readily available for your future listings.

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