Learn and Earn

A program for forward looking real estate professionals

The Learn and Earn program will make your work in real estate more fun and rewarding, will bring you more deals and increase your reputation, while educating you on crypto.

You can close more transactions and earn tokens while learning about crypto, blockchain and NFTs. This is achieved by a cutting edge iOS app that has integrated payment, escrow and title services.

Crypto-enabled apps are the future. This is how goods and services are going to be transacted and this is already happening.


Learn and earn - get to know how Propy brings you value and earn rewards*

+ 100 PRO

Sign up for an agent profile – 100 tokens are waiting just for you!

The requirements to sign-up are simple: you have to be a real estate agent. Basic and regular accounts don’t qualify.

+ 20 PRO

By submitting your profile and completing all of the required fields, you will be rewarded with 20 tokens!

To claim this reward for being an active member on our app just fill out your information in general settings under “Profile.”

+ 20 PRO

The Propy app is a great way to find properties. This time, we’ll give away 20 tokens for checking in at any of the listed homes with our service! Not only will you be networking while doing business but also profiting – who doesn’t want that?

Let’s say you’re trying to get on top of some offers. Let’s say, adding a buyer or seller will be an excellent way for that! Now get 20 tokens per dashboard added – it literally pays off to have all of the participants in your deal in one place

+ 10 PRO

A simple way to boost your listing’s popularity is to add more pictures.

Now Propy gives you 10 tokens per listing for bonus pictures uploaded!

+ 100 PRO

Another important thing that will make your listing stand out is adding disclosures.

You will receive 100 tokens per listing for filling all the information needed by your clients.

+ 10 PRO

As you already know, Propy is a One-Stop-Shop platform. We are making transactions easy for all participants in the real estate deal.

Adding Buyer, Seller in the transaction will bring you 10 tokens per participant.

+ 20 PRO

At Propy, we believe that transparency is the most important thing when it comes to real estate.

Go to your profile and toggle the “Make public” feature in preferences under the profile section of the menu. We are rewarding you with 20 tokens for being fully transparent!

+ 20 PRO

We honor your hard work and want to celebrate your wins!

We will give you 20 tokens for each offer accepted on Propy.

* Rewards amount is valid until the end of 2021. They may change in 2022. All rewards are locked till 10/2/22, only agents with active US licenses can withdraw them once they are unlocked.

Certain conditions apply and are subject to change.