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Own Your Brokerage Data

Keep your data secure, build trust with your clients and agents with our blockchain powered transaction management solutions.

How Propy keeps you and your clients secured

Propy streamlines and simplifies the entire transaction process with our blockchain secured solutions. Our tools are great on their own - and even better together.




Instantly receive, counter, reject or accept offers. Automatically share offer information with sellers. Manage all offers for all listings in one easy to use dashboard.




Manage all of your transactions and eliminate the need for multiple systems. Audit transactions, manage documents and save on compliance costs.

Secure your brokerage with Blockchain Technology & Smart Contracts

Propy is the first to ever release this type of secure transaction processing on the market. Our transaction platform was built to integrate Smart Contracts, which offers a great way to apply blockchain technology in the real estate industry. There are several advantages of Smart Contracts such as:





Paperless does not mean secure

Most of the currently used solutions for paperless businesses are not as secure as most people think. With Propy, all of your data and paperless documents are protected and secure.

How it works

Our solutions employ Blockchain in the backend securing all of your transactions. There is no need for you or your team to be trained how to use as it’s just part of the flow.

What Blockchain is

Blockchain is an immutable ledger that is used to track and record financial transactions. In the real estate industry, it protects against title fraud and wire fraud.

Secure you brokerage data today with Propy’s latest technology for transaction management.