What Blockchain is

Blockchain is an immutable ledger that is used to track and record financial transactions. In the real estate industry, it protects agains tite fraud and wire fraud.

The technology built into Blockchain

Due to our exponential growth in Blockchain development, real estate deals are simpler than ever.

Paperless does not mean secure

Most of the currently used solutions for paperless businesses are not as secure as most people think. With Propy, all of your paperless documents are protected and secure.

How Propy keeps you safe

Secure storage & wire fraud protection

Flexible payment gateway

Integrated transaction management workflow

Cutting edge technology with a sleek user interface

Blockchain Technology Benefit for Real Estate

Smart Contracts

“Smart Contracts” are being mentioned constantly when talking about Blockchain, but what really is a Smart Contract?

A Smart Contract is the usage of software in conjunction with Blockchain, in which the parties involved are invited to a “deal”. This deal is occurring in a fully secure environment, also known as our “Smart Contract” tool. Parties can then agree to interact with each other and invite other participants in, but only to the areas of the transaction that they need to participate with. Propy’s transaction platform, built with Blockchain and Smart Contracts, is the most secure and up-to-date system we have ever released to our clients.

Propy is the first to ever release this type of secure transaction processing on the market. Our transaction platform was built to integrate Smart Contracts, which offers a great way to apply blockchain technology in the real estate industry. There are several advantages of Smart Contracts such as:





The Propy solution that is built using cutting edge technology will put your operations at the forefront with innovative and reliable real estate management solutions.

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