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Case Study​

Coordinating deals in Attorney States: NY & Re/Max case study

Pete Zizzi, the team leader of The Zizzi Team with RE/MAX PLUS, is involved in owner-occupied investment properties and commercial real estate.

Who is Pete Zizzi?

Peter has been in the real estate business since 2004 and has seen the benefits of Propy for himself. His company specializes in owner-occupied investment properties, and his brokerage uses Propy for transactions in and around Rochester, NY.

The Challenge

Zizzi’s agents waste time on multiple systems to manage transactions, when all they want to do is close deals.

He needs all parties involved in the transaction to collaborate on one unified platform and to stay updated throughout the purchase offer all the way through to the grant deed.

Having to install multiple transaction systems

The constant stress of filing paperwork

No ability to edit or track tasks

100% transparency into all offers

Universal participation of all involved parties

The Solution

Propy delivered one platform to Zizzi,

eliminating the need for multiple systems to manage transactions

Propy removed the stress of filing paperwork

It is all managed inside the Propy document manager

Propy allowed for checklist items to be marked as "completed"

All of Zizzi’s staff can overwrite/edit every item in the checklist by marking it and saving changes

Propy’s offer management platform easily manages listings with multiple offers,

and the dashboard helps organize and choose the best offer for clients

Pete spoke to us about how Propy met his needs for a “new back end system to keep everything in line,” and eliminated the need to install multiple systems to manage transactions, removed the stress of filing paperwork, and allowed his agents to focus on the task of closing deals. He also mentioned that his staff “…have used the offer management platform on many listings with multiple offer situations, and the dashboard has helped organize and choose the best offer with our clients.”

The unique case with the Zizzi team with RE/MAX PLUS is a result of collaboration with Block, Longo, LaMarca & Brzezinski, P.C, a closing attorney office, whose team closes deals on Propy. Propy empowers Block and Longo a to stay on task and gives management timely reports on ongoing transactions.

Propy Announces Expanding to New York with first transactions with The Zizzi Team with RE/MAX PLUS and others

Pete Zizzi
Team Leader/Associate leader of The Zizzi Team, RE/MAX Plus

“We implemented it with our team and our TC, and agents (as well as all of the parties of the transaction too) can use it as a backbone of the transaction. It’s a system that has helped organize incoming offers and helped to simplify the transaction process after that. Also, it can be used by the attornies to save the deed and all paperwork after closing on block chain for security and easy access”

The Results

30% more transparency achieved

Pete Zizzi and his entire team now spend, on average 10 hours less time in closing a deal. They now no longer waste time performing routine but mandatory administrative tasks, leaving his agents with more time to do what they do best – helping home buyers and sellers and closing new business.

Run your brokerage smoothly, securely, and efficiently

With the ultimate toolset for real estate transaction management.