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How to Properly Install a Kitchen Faucet

How to Properly Install a Kitchen Faucet

If you install a kitchen faucet the wrong way, you can be in for a flood. Furthermore, who wants to have a flood in their kitchen? Properly installing a kitchen faucet does not take too much work, and anyone can do it. If you follow the instructions, the work should be manageable. Below are tips on how to properly install a kitchen faucet.

The Easiest Way to Install a Kitchen Faucet

Installing a kitchen faucet takes a bit of time and patience. Do not rush through the steps. You want to make sure that the faucet is properly installed and that there will be no leaks. Some supplies that you will need include a kitchen faucet, flashlight, towels, Teflon tape bucket, wrench, and some cleaning supplies. Some faucets can be different, so check the number of holes that your current faucet has.

Install a kitchen faucet in the right way. First, remove everything from under your sink. Then, turn off the water that goes to the faucet. You will want to turn the hot and cold water valves clockwise until you cannot move them any longer. Turn on your faucet and make sure that no water is flowing. You will want to keep the faucet turned on, to mitigate any water compression. Unlock the water lines. Be prepared for some water to leak, but that is where your bucket and rags will come in handy. Detach your old faucet from under the sink. To remove your old faucet, pull it through the top of your sink. Now, secure your new faucet under the sink. You will want your instructions for this. Attach the hot and cold lines to their corresponding valves. Now, turn on your water valves.

Check for Leaks

Many people set up their new kitchen faucets and they do not recall checking for leaks. Then, they notice that they have water everywhere, and they do not know why. To make sure that none of these problems arise, always check for leaks whenever you are installing something new.

Always Keep the Instructions

Occasionally, things do not always work the way that they should. Therefore, it is important to keep your instructions so that you can look back on them. You can place your instruction booklet in a bag under the sink so that you can check it.

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