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New Real Property NFT Near Walt Disney World® Resort

New Real Property NFT Near Walt Disney World® Resort

We make buying and selling homes faster, easier, and more secure

Powered by Web3 Technology

Real estate your way with Propy

Agents and their clients all over the country love the simplicity and security of Propy. The future of real estate is now.

Propy has processed $4bn in transactions

Buy/sell using wire

Find a tech-driven agent on Propy, make/accept offers via Propy, pay down payment via Propy Online Payment in dollars, and close a transaction with our integrated tech-driven escrow and title company on the Propy platform on the blockchain. Fast and secure.


Buy/sell using crypto

Find a Crypto Certified Agent on Propy, make/accept offers in crypto via Propy, pay via Propy Crypto Exchange tool in cryptocurrency, and close a transaction with a crypto-friendly escrow and title company on our platform on the blockchain. Fast and secure.


Buy/sell as an NFT

Experience the breakthrough couple-click home buying via real property NFTs. Propy has invented the world's first home NFTs. You can list a property as an NFT as well as on MLS. When you buy a property NFT there’s no need for 30 days closing.

How Propy makes it happen

Propy technology sets you up for faster, simpler, safer transactions. You’ll also be set up to handle cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Field offers with ease.

Offer Management

Manage transactions seamlessly.

Transaction Platform

Fast, painless closings, fully secured.

Title & Escrow

Our solutions are great on their own - and even better together.

Featured Listings Collection

You can search all listings here

List and Sell your Property on Propy’s NFT Marketplace

Designed exclusively for Real Property NFTs

Automate your real estate
transaction process

No extra tools to buy and bolt together

With Propy’s suite, you can automate all parts of the transaction from
e-Signature to payments all in one secure and easy to use solution.

Episode 70 | 18 Aug

Don't Overlook the Micro Markets

Join Mike Valerio & Joe Budelli

Be the first agent in your market to do real estate the new way

Getting Propy certified sets you up to successfully help clients buy and sell using cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Register your deed on immutable blockchain using Propy tokens.

The World’s First Real Estate NFT

TechCrunch Founder, Michael Arrington’s Kyiv Apartment sold in world’s first NFT Real Estate Auction!

Propy makes history again

Florida – the home of the first US real estate NFT

Crypto & Real Estate Summit