Multiple Offers. Multiple Transactions. One Solution.

Propy solves your multiple offer and real estate transaction problems simply and seamlessly.

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One system to do it all for you

From the moment you receive a listing, all the way to closing the deal, Propy real estate transaction management software does everything for you, all in one place.

Brokers and Agents all over the country love the simplicity and security of Propy

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Innovation that excites our customers

Propy continually builds software as we build relationships, building what our customers need to improve their businesses. No one else has our customers in mind the way that Propy does.

Complete compliance and storage

Propy offer and transaction management tools help you monitor every step of the process and easily monitor your document flow better than anyone - with more secure storage than you’ll ever need.

Award-winning training to get you up to speed and keep you in the game

Best-in-class training ensures that you understand how to use the system, and that there is always someone there for you when you have questions. No one beats Propy in customer service. Period.

We’re on a mission to make real estate transactions faster, easier, and more secure



Instantly receive, counter, reject or accept offers. Automatically share offer information with sellers. Manage all offers for all listings in one easy to use dashboard.



Securely exchange information between buyers, sellers, escrow, and title company. Delight your clients with an easy to use interface and speedy e-signature solution.



Manage all of your transactions and eliminate the need for multiple systems. Audit transactions, manage documents and save on compliance costs.

Propy streamlines and simplifies the entire transaction process

Our solutions are great on their own - and even better together.

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More closings, less stress

Find out why forward-thinking brokerages rely on our real estate transaction software to grow their business.

"Tech is essential for me and my business."

Courtney J.E. Poulos
Broker/Owner at ACME Real Estate

"Propy allows agents to focus on their clients."

Kelvin Kam
Founder of Sequioa Real Estate

Automate your real estate transaction process

No extra tools to buy and bolt together

With Propy’s suite, you can automate all parts of the transaction from e-Signature to payments all in one secure and easy to use solution.

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Looking to create OKRs and KPIs for your brokerage for next year?

Our CEO has created a guide with examples on how to make annual and quarterly goals based on her 2020 experience as a CEO and key management books for tech companies.

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