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Propy Offers The First NFT Avatars Designed Specifically for Real Estate and Metaverse Fans

How to Buy

Download MetaMask app
Make sure you have ETH in your wallet ready
Connect your MetaMask wallet and be ready to buy your Avatar
Go to for the start of the sale

NFT Drop starts in:



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Natalia Karayaneva
CEO at Propy

“PFPs are a great way to enter the meta world. When the utility of PFPs are connected to the real world and education magic happens.””

Tom Ferry
#1 real estate coach

“Many agents and real estate investors are investing in crypto and NFTs. As more home buyers utilize crypto earnings to purchase property, displaying an avatar immediately identifies these agents as someone who understands how cryptocurrency and NFTs work”.

NFT Avatars

Exclusive NFT Avatars for Real Estate and Metaverse Fans ​

Dan Weinstein

“These characters are THE RESISTANCE – shredding through the Metaverse, re-inventing the New Future. The meta world created by the agents of change – fair, honest and empowering.”

Created as “utility” NFTs (meaning that bonus items beyond the avatar are included in the purchase), limited edition NFTs designed by artist Dan Weinstein will also include passes to selected Propy events and educational courses.​

Major Community IRL Events

OCT 2022
NOV 2022

Meta Avatars Have 5 Utilities

Access to Meta Agent Course
Navigate in metaverses and digital land
NFT Avatar owners become members of DAO
Entry into DAO membership to govern the project and vote on how its treasury is spent.
Ticket to ALL Propy events
Starting with our next Web3 & Real Estate Summit 2023
Licensed Wallet
Pass the Meta Agent Course & get your Licensed wallet presented in Propy Registry. These digital identities will be recommended as agents/consultants to those looking to invest in digital land or develop virtual spaces.
Propy’s core community member
As we continue to grow, as part of our core community members you will be the first to know about new releases and drops.

Advisors ​

Tom Ferry

#1 real estate coach

Zach Aarons


Tony Edward


Alvaro Nunez

Super Luxury Group

About Propy

Propy is the pioneer in the real estate blockchain space, aiming to automate the whole real estate transaction process fast, easy and secure.

Propy, founded in Silicon Valley, is on a mission to revolutionize the residential real estate sales process. The company’s blockchain innovation removes inefficiencies, streamlines everything from offer to closing to recording title, records everything securely, and enables buyers and sellers to use traditional financing, dollar or cryptocurrency payments, or NFT-ed properties sales. The company has processed $4bn in transactions and recorded them on blockchain.

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