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Online Course

Propy’s New Meta Course

Learn, Explore and Make the Most of the Metaverse

Become a Propy Meta Agent and help your clients navigate the metaverse


Meta Agent

Program price:

190 PRO tokens

Taught by Natalia Karayaneva, Propy CEO and Adam Brown our course provides you with the tools and information you need to become an expert on real estate in the metaverse, and how you can use this knowledge to gain more clients and grow your business.

The Meta course is presented in 4 chapters, each divided into several 15-20 minute modules. Complete course is under 3 hours and combines video and written instruction, summary presentations and guided tours of the most popular virtual worlds.

Meta Agent Course covers the following topics:

Chapter 1

Introduction to virtual world fundamentals and how to experience and engage.
Practical guides to how to find, equipment needed, if any, connect the wallet, etc.etc.
Types of virtual worlds.

Chapter 2

Guided tours of the most popular and advanced worlds.
Unique value proposition and characteristics of various worlds.
The pros and cons of each world.
Chains and tokens used.

Chapter 3

How land ownership works in the metaverse, how it is transferred and recorded.
Buying and selling property within specific worlds.
Current floor and ceiling prices.
How to build and \ develop within purchased plots or estates in various metaverses.
Concepts and opinions about the role of an agent and how to assist clients in their buying and selling process in metaverse.

Chapter 4

How virtual worlds intersect with real estate in reality.
What are potential impacts and where is the crossover of virtual and real worlds.
How to apply understanding of the virtual worlds and their underlying technologies to the modern practice of real estate.

Skill Level

Course is suitable for beginners and experts

Course Format

Combines video and written instruction


4 different online classes

Artboard 47

Time Commitment

3-4 hours are needed on average in order to complete the course and prepare for the exam


Our instructors are prominent experts in real estate and blockchain

Certification Exam

You have 3 chances to take the exam within 1 year of purchase

Meta Agent

Program price:

190 PRO tokens

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