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Close Faster and More Secure with Propy AI

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new feature – Propy AI! Combining the power of AI and real estate data this tool will revolutionize the way you experience property transactions.

Real estate professionals can now say goodbye to the time-consuming manual data entry and embrace stress-free deals that save them precious time and energy.

In order to provide cutting-edge tools, the Propy platform creates a transaction timeline that helps agents, sellers, and buyers see a timeline for each step of the transaction. Thanks to Propy AI, managing transaction timelines becomes an absolute breeze! The tool automatically reads Purchase Agreements, creates a transaction tracker for you, and starts processing the closing.

It intelligently adds deadlines for each step of the transaction, guiding everyone involved in the transaction on when the first and second deposits should be made when the loan should be approved, and much more—all in an instant.

Gone are the days of tediously navigating paperwork and engaging in endless back-and-forth communication to gather simple information.

We are dedicated to streamlining every step of your property deals. Propy AI simplifies the complex and time-consuming aspects of the transaction process, allowing agents to navigate with ease and efficiency. We are committed to revolutionizing the real estate industry into the future.

Let Propy AI simplify your workload so you can focus on what really matters – closing deals!

This feature is exclusively available to our current users in Florida, so take advantage of it today:

1. Log into Propy

2. Click “Create a Transaction”

3. Select “Close with Propy Title” for a seamless closing experience

3. Simply drop the contract, and let Propy AI take care of the rest

If you haven’t joined Propy yet, now is your chance. Get on our waitlist and be among the first to harness the incredible power of Propy AI. Don’t miss out, sign up today:

Join waitlist

Embrace the future of real estate with Propy and let us transform the way you close deals. Get ready to save time, enhance productivity, and unlock new possibilities.

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