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New Real Property NFT Near Walt Disney World® Resort

New Real Property NFT Near Walt Disney World® Resort

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Why Would Someone NFT Their Property?

Crypto adoption and easiness of a transaction

The interest in real estate from the crypto community will be driven by the common desire to transact easily on-chain using cryptocurrency. A crypto holder most likely will invest a small percentage of their returns into any tangible real world asset if the process is crypto-friendly and simple. This is exactly what the NFT-enabled sales process offers.

What Are NFTs?

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token (unique, one of a kind, non-interchangeable) is a digital, easily verifiable asset, built and stored on a blockchain

This asset can then be easily traded, sold or borrowed against its value. It provides authenticity of ownership via a digital certificate that represents a specific asset – digital or physical, in the real world or the metaverse.

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The World’s First
Real Estate NFT

Propy made history again in the most crypto-friendly state

Florida – the home of the 2nd US real estate NFT


Propy launches NFT platform in the US, allowing real-world property to be bought as an NFT


An Entire Real Estate Deal Takes Place Online, Using Cryptocurrency Technology

Episode 107 | 4 May 2022

Meet the New Tampa Condo NFT Owners

Gabrielle & Ryan Channell and Adam Brown

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