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Episode 124 | 31 Aug 2022

Crypto Certified Agents Panel

Nick Gumpert, David Candelora, Ryan Rust and Adam Brown


Nick Gumpert
Propy Crypto Certified Agents

I'm a husband, father and lifelong learner located in Monrovia,, CA. I made the change into real estate less than a year ago for three reasons: to allow my wife and I to work one job each, to be an example for my unborn son at the time (now 8 months old) - that you can be successful in one space and then do well in another space, and to make more money to give back more money within my community.

I work on a two person team for RE/MAX Top Producers, alongside the office's #1 agent and the #1 Brokerage in Orange County.

Prior to real estate, I grew up playing then coaching and in a Director role for 16 years after I was done playing. I was fortunate to attain the highest license in that field, as well as travel internationally to play myself and help create the opportunity for others to do the same. In 2009, I attained my BBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I bought my first condo in 2009, townhome with family in 2014 and then leveraged my townhome to buy my first home with my wife in April 2020.

I got crypto certified in April after listening to RE/MAX CEO talk about crypto and real estate on a weekly video with a couple of reps who referenced Propy. I am currently navigating my first crypto transaction and also just learned the buyer may be looking to leverage vs sell their crypto to get into the home. I am a reference/referral for an agent in Northern California.

David Candelora
Propy Crypto Certified Agents

David grew up in a real estate household. In his sophomore year of college, he realized that the corporate structure wasn't for him. Shortly after graduating in 2003, David bought his first investment property, while still living in his parents' house.

He bought 4 more investment properties before moving out and buying his own condo in 2006. David has an extensive background in all things real estate and owns several industry-related companies, including property management, construction, and investing before opening a brokerage, RE/MAX Showcase, in 2018.

"I am not naive enough to think I have seen it all, but smart enough to know I haven't."

Ryan Rust
Propy Crypto Certified Agents

I was discharged from the Marine Corps in January of 2003 and started as a mortgage broker the same year. I realized I didn’t like it and was hired as an Account Executive for a national mortgage bank. I opened the Kansas City market in 2004 for the bank and was there until 2008 when housing market collapsed. I had started investing in RE in 2005 so I when I left the bank in 2008 I began investing full time along with starting and operating an insurance agency from 2009-2011.

Insurance didn’t work out so I went back to what I knew and loved which is real estate, this time as an agent. Full time since then and continue to invest in RE. I primarily sell residential but do dabble in small commercial and land. I’ve made Presidential or Masters every year since 2013. I’ve been recognized as one of the top 300 agents in my area ( 2,400 total I believe) and also top 10 real estate social media influencers in my area a few years back.


Adam Brown

VP of Education and Industry Affairs

Want to learn how real estate professionals from brokerages like Century 21, Coldwell Banker and Engel & Völkers are using Propy?