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MIAMI | Oct 27-28

Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami, FL 33139

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Nov 3rd, 2023

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Grow your knowledge and learn how to make these new technologies work for you – today and in the future.
This 2-day summit gives you the tools and information you need to get started.

Day 1

The Big Picture:
Modern Tech Meets Real Estate
9:00AM - 9:40AM

Registration/Coffee Networking

9:45AM - 9:55AM


Natalia Karayaneva, Kelly Dolyniuk

9:55AM - 10:25AM

Confluence of Web3 and Real Estate Technology

Michelle Abbs (moderator), Derek Taylor, Samella Watson, Sundance Monty Brennan

10:25AM - 10:55AM

What's Next for Crypto/NFTs

Elena Soloyvov (moderator), CryptoMatrix, Nabyl Charania, Erik Mendelson

10:55AM - 11:25AM

How Web3 is Transforming Mortgages – Crypto Financing and More

Jeff Ostrowski (moderator), Joe Haggenmiller, Marissa Kim

11:25AM - 11:55AM

Keynote: Who is the Realtor 3.0

Tony Giordano

The Power of Web3 and Real Estate – Embracing the Future.
11:55AM - 1:00PM


1:00PM - 1:25PM

Web3 Investor Outlook

Kelly Dolyniuk (Intro), Michael Arrington, Sidney Powell, Tony Edward

1:25PM - 1:50PM

Legal Trends and Updates on Web3 and PropTech3

Laura Pamatian (moderator), Louis Lehot, Karin Pranglay, Samuel Armes, Alex Kanen

1:50PM - 2:20PM

Why Tokenization is the Hottest Topic in Real Estate Right Now

Laura Pamatian (moderator), John Belitsky, Mohsin Masud, Ethan Blumenthal, Andrii Zamovsky

2:20PM - 2:45PM

How to Issue Security Tokens for Real Estate

Michelle Abbs (moderator), Kenneth Monro, Herwig Konings

2:45PM - 3:10PM

Keynote: NFTs for Homes and Title on Blockchain – The Future of Real Estate 3.0

Natalia Karayaneva

3:10PM - 3:35PM

Web3/Metaverse-focused Investments — What the VCs Look for

Kelly Dolyniuk (moderator), Magdalena Kala, Yasmine Morrison

3:35PM - 4:15PM

Pitch Battle

4:15PM - 4:30PM

Closing – Highlights/Recap


Crypto Drinks

(Offsite at Sweet Liberty)

Day 2

Using Web3 to Grow your Business
9:00AM - 9:55AM


9:55AM - 10:00AM


Kelly Dolyniuk

10:00AM - 10:30AM

Keynote: Why Web3 Matters

Anythony "Pomp" Pompliano, Michael Arrington

10:30AM - 11:00AM

Keynote: The Advantages of Tokenized Communities

Steve Streetman

11:00AM - 11:55PM

Keynote: Realtor3.0 – Exactly What To Say™ to Your Clients About NFTs, Crypto, and the Metaverse

Chris Smith

This is a one-of-a-kind keynote designed using the magic words from his co-authored bestselling book "Exactly What To Say: For Real Estate Agents" and was built specifically for the attendees of Propy's Web3 and Real Estate Summit.
11:55AM - 12:15PM

NFTs 2.0 – How NFTs are Attaching to the Physical World

Sponsored Panel

Jonathan Folz, Legion

12:15PM - 1:30PM


1:30PM - 1:55PM

The Florida Real Estate Outlook

Elena Bondarenko (moderator), Melissa Medina, Daniel Guerra, Dawn Pfaff, Erick Gavin

1:55PM - 2:20PM

Into the Metaverse – An Overview

Nina Fabbri (moderator), Jim Park, Hrish Lotlikar, Neil Mandt

2:20PM - 2:45PM

Opportunities for Agents in the Metaverse

Nina Fabbri (moderator), David Horvath, Karley Chynces, Bozana Cavar

2:45PM - 3:10PM

Innovations for Agents – Promoting Your Business in a Shifting Market

Dan Stewart (moderator), Erik Mendelson, Ryan Mueller, Kenneth Monro

3:10PM - 3:30PM

Crypto Payments and Transactions in Real Estate

Lisa Fettner (moderator), Garrick Yan, Denis Smykalov, Jamie Tian, Madison Roberts

3:30PM - 3:55PM

Web3 for Title and Escrow

Kelly Dolyniuk (moderator), Anna Atencio, Keva Chester, Heather Kunz

3:55PM - 4:15PM

Crypto Real Estate Alliance Overview and How to Earn Tokens/Rewards

Elena Soloyvov(moderator), Pete Weindorfer

4:15PM - 4:35PM

How Crypto Certified Agents are Finding Success

Elena Soloyvov(moderator)

4:35PM - 4:55PM

Closing Remarks/Web3 Awards

Natalia Karayaneva, Kelly Dolyniuk

5:00PM - 7:00PM

VIP Reception


Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano

Pomp Investments

Chris Smith

Co-Founder of Curaytor, Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur

Melissa Medina

CEO at eMerge Americas

Michael Arrington

Founder of Arrington Capital

Natalia Karayaneva

CEO at Propy

Dami Osunsanya Dada

Head of Value Creation at Softbank Opportunity Fund

Alvaro Nunez

Founder and CEO at Super Luxury Group

Tony Giordano


Nabyl Charania

Co-Founder & Managing GP at Meta4Capital

Daniel Guerra

SVP Sales at Fortune Christie's International Real Estate

Joe Haggenmiller

Head of Markets at XBTO Group

Karin Prangley

SVP, Wealth Planner and Regional Trust Head at Brown Brothers Harriman

Laura Gonzalez-Estefani

CEO at TheVentureCity

Steve Streetman

Data Scientist, Commercial Real Estate and Cryptocurrency Investor

Sidney Powell

CEO at Maple Finance

Tony Edward

Founder of Thinking Crypto

Matthew Kasick

Crypto Currency Professional Trader & Instructor,

Jalak Jobenputra

Managing Partner AT Future\Perfect Ventures

Nina Fabbri

Director of the Business Partnership Group at HomeServices of America / Propyverse

Louis Lehot

Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP

Herwig Konings

CEO at Security Token Group

Leidina Dervishi

Investment Research Analyst at CoinFund

Jim Park

CEO at Association of Asian American Investment Managers

Dawn Pfaff

President and Founder of My State MLS

Hrish Lotlikar

CEO at SuperWorld

Erik Mendelson

Director of Blockchain BIZ DEV at OneOf

Samella Watson


Derek Taylor

Director of Technology Implementation and Operations at T3 Sixty

Erick Gavin

Executive Director at Venture Miami

John Belitsky

Co-Founder of Balcony DAO

Sundance Monty Brennan

VP of Revenue at Nada

Denis Smykalov

Broker/Owner of Wolsen Real Estate

Kelly Dolyniuk

COO at Propy

Kenneth Monro

Realtor Sales Associate at eXp Realty

Samuel Armes

President of Florida Blockchain Business Association

Magdalena Kala

Founder & General Partner at Double Down

Bozana Cavar

Real Estate and Web 3 Advisor, One Sotheby's International Realty

Ethan Blumenthal

Founder of OwnProp

Elena Bondarenko

Government Relations & Land Use Counsel at Miami DDA

Jonathan Folz

Founder of Legion

Yasmine Morrison

Venture Capital Director at Florida Funders

Mohsin Masud

Founder and CEO at AKRU

Anna Atencio

CEO at Propytitle

Madison Roberts

CEO at Crypto Estate LLC

Heather Kunz

Director of Agent Development, RE/MAX Collective

Neil Mandt

Founder and CEO at Metaverse Rights

Laura Pamatian

Founder and CEO at HeightZero Real Estate & Consulting

Pete Weindorfer

Crypto Real Estate Alliance

Ryan J. Mueller

CEO AT RJM Ventures

Dan Stewart

Co-Founder/President at Happy Grasshopper

Garrick Yan

Team Leader at Garrick Yan Group, eXp Realty

Jamie Tian

Luxury Agent at Rodeo Realty Fine Estates

Andrii Zamovsky

Founder & CEO at Ambisafe

Jeff Ostrowski

Mortgage reporter at

Keva Chester

CEO/Broker at Chester Realty Group

Elena Solovyov

SVP, Head of Marketing at Propy

Lisa Fettner

Founder of Fettner Consulting

Michelle Abbs

CEO at Web3 Equity

Will Powers

COO & Head of Capital Markets AT AKRU

David Horvath

CTO at Propyverse

Alex Kanen

Managing Partner of Kanen Law Firm

Jake Brukhman

CEO at CoinFund

Karley Chynces

Real estate & blockchain advisor, One Sotheby's

Audie Chamberlain

Founder of Lion & Orb

and others...

Join us for the only conference that merges the power of real estate with the power of Web3, Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs in the real world and the metaverse.


The Big Picture

Crypto, DeFi, Blockchain, NFTs, disrupting the real estate and mortgage ecosystem, the Metaverse, Web3.0 and more...

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The Neighborhood

Enjoy the conference surroundings of Miami Beach.


Miami Beach Convention Center,
1901 Convention Center Drive,
Miami, FL 33139

Getting here

With the conference taking place just 4 blocks from the beach, you will find various hotel options, restaurants and shops nearby. Check out the Miami Beach Visitor Guide for suggestions on the areas happenings!

Miami International Airport is located about 20 minutes drive away from the convention center. There are many transportation options listed here. You may also fly into Fort Lauderdale Airport which is about 45 minutes drive or accessible via Brightline Train. Detailed options here.

Where to stay

Located within walking distance from the convention center, the Albion Hotel is honored to welcome Web3 and Real Estate Summit delegates.

Who Should Attend

Real estate and financial professionals and investors who want to increase their knowledge about these exciting new technologies.
Technologists who want to develop new products and tools to support this burgeoning industry.
Crypto/NFT/Metaverse enthusiasts seeking new opportunities and information.
Real estate agents who want to grow and evolve their business.

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About the Past Summit

Miami is Miami because of the people…and the crypto community! In March we held our Crypto and Real Estate Summit there.
So 300+ people packed their suitcases, booked flights to crypto-friendly Miami and joined our 2-day event. We talked about the latest trends in NFTs, metaverses, digital land, crypto for real estate and DAOs.
Among the speakers were top experts like Tom Ferry, Michael Arrington, Mayor Francis Suarez, Tony Giordano, Melissa Medina, and more!

Past Sponsors & Partners

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