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3 Interesting Facts About Warren Buffett’s House

3 Interesting Facts About Warren Buffett's House

Everyone thinks that if they were a billionaire, then they can easily spend the majority of their money on large houses. Most wealthy people seem to verify this desire, as they have large homes. However, there is someone who does not have the house that you might think he should. Warren Buffett has a unique home that he seems to be interested in keeping.

A Quiet Neighborhood

Warren Buffett resides in a home in a quiet Nebraskan neighborhood. This might seem odd to many people. Most people think that anyone who is wealthy must own a home in Beverly Hills, California. However, it seems that Mr. Buffett likes his home to be in a simple neighborhood. The location might seem tucked away, but it adds a more comfortable appeal to the house.

A Worthy Investment

In 1958, Warren Buffett bought his house for a mere $31,500. This is the equivalent of $250,000 in today’s money. It is hard for one to wrap his or her mind around the idea of a billionaire spending only that much for a home. However, the home is dear to Buffett and many consider it to be one of his investments. In fact, the current estimate of the home value is $652,619.

Happy with His Home

You might be wondering why he does not upgrade to a bigger home. However, others might believe that there is no reason to replace something if it still works. Sources say that Buffett is ecstatic with this simple Omaha home. This beautiful home has everything that Buffett seems to need right now. There is quite a bit of room in it and there is excellent security, so there is no reason for him to move to another property.

Above all, having a home that makes one cheerful is something that we can all learn to do. Having a lot of money and living in a big house does not seem to be the only way to happiness. Other ways include having a comfortable home, enjoying your neighborhood, and seeing people whom you love on a day-to-day basis.

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