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3 Ways to Be the Go-To Real Estate Agent

In sales, the most efficient way to get new business is through referrals from family and friends. However, some family and friends might not know that you are in the real estate business; even worse, they might not trust you. They might still visualize you as the young boy or girl or even as the reckless teenager who made some mistakes in the past. Therefore, here are 3 ways to be the go-to real estate agent in your sphere of influence.

Be an Influencer

An excellent way to let your sphere of influence know that you are not only in the real estate business but that you have very important information to share with them about the real estate industry is to post a lot of good content on social media. It is good to post about your cat and/or dog, your children’s milestones, and your favorite food, but it is also very beneficial to post about real estate on your social media accounts. In the same way, you can impress your sphere of influence with your knowledge by posting industry news, tips for sellers, shortcuts to help buyers, and more. As a result, you will be at the top of your family members’ minds when they need help or when they know of a friend who needs help selling or buying a home.

Be Trustworthy

No one likes a snake oil salesman or, in modern day terms, a car dealership salesman. By the way, car dealership salespeople are very nice people. Nevertheless, consumers are smart and they can sense when they are being “sold”. Hence, do the opposite. Create a sales presentation that is painfully honest and transparent. Give your prospect a reason to believe in you and in your amazing abilities to navigate a sale, oftentimes in the range of 6-7 figures or more.

Be Reliable

It is always best to be reliable, in order to become a go-to real estate agent. Reliability means the quality of performing consistently well. Equally important is trustworthiness. This is something that is very easy to do. If you exceed your current client’s expectations and go above and beyond to perform your duties, you will display reliability and become the go-to real estate agent for all of your family members, friends, and past clients.

In conclusion, the way to become a go-to real estate agent is by becoming an influencer who is trustworthy and, most of all, reliable.

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