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7 Steps to Sell a Property In 2021

The pandemic continues to affect our lives in several ways. From how we travel and work to the way we socialize, everything is changing. Likewise, local lockdowns and social distancing measures altered the way we close real estate deals. 

Steps to Sell a Property In 2021

Here is a guide detailing the seven critical steps to sell a property in 2021. 

Collaborate with an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Regardless of the pandemic, the first step to sell your property is collaborating with a trusted, professional, and licensed real estate agent. qualified agents help you get an MLS listing to give your property more exposure. Thousands of potential buyers can view your property and increase your chances of finding the best buyer. 

Furthermore, the right agent conducts CMA or comparative market analysis to help buyers negotiate the best deal and navigate counteroffers. The price you have to pay the realtor for selling your property is a nominal fee for avoiding the hassle of finding the best buyer for your property. 

Declutter your Home

Remember to declutter and organize your home, office, or any living space that you are selling. Even if you are promoting your home online, you would want to make a strong impression. 

Conduct Virtual Tours

Social distancing rules are resulting in fewer open houses and more virtual tours. Even if your local authority allows you to hold an open house, you may not want to take any risks. The safest bet is to offer a 3D virtual tour of your property, and your trusted agent will be able to coordinate these.

Use Professional Real Estate Photography Equipment 

Drone cameras provide a 360-degree realistic view of the exterior and interior of your property’s landscaping and interior. Some sellers also stream virtual tours on Facebook Live and YouTube so they can provide answers to all queries in real-time.

Rely on online promotion to sell a property in 2021. Promoting your property online means you must also add impressive photos of your bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities such as pool, backyard, and children’s play area. Remember to declutter your home before you shoot your tour or click photos. 

Plan Multiple Inspections at Once 

Sellers should schedule multiple inspections at once. For instance, if you are planning for a termite inspection, HVAC inspection, or any random inspection, get them done at the same time to minimize exposure. Don’t forget to sanitize and disinfect your property after your home inspection and home appraisal. 

Stay Aware of your Local Laws

Sellers and lenders must monitor what is allowed in their areas before scheduling home tours, appraisals, home inspections, and home staging.

Reduce Contact during Home Inspection and Home Appraisal 

While a home inspection evaluates the condition of your property, a home appraisal determines its value. Typically, sellers set up their inspection tours while their lenders order an appraisal. Make sure you practice social distancing during each of these inspections. 

Despite the Coronavirus’s impact, the real estate industry is likely to boom next year, thanks to lower interest rates and an increasing demand for people to work from home. Follow these steps to sell a property in 2021 for scoring a profitable deal while staying safe.

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