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A Brand New Way to Experience Propy: Welcome to Our Fresh Website!

Following our mission as web3 pioneers to help bring the real estate industry to its next level on chain, we are actively working to be on the crest of the innovation wave. Our innovative tools and services are taking the world by storm, and we’re constantly improving and expanding to stay ahead of the game.

As we charge forward into 2023, we’re thrilled to announce that our game-changing ideas are now transforming into an array of exciting new services and products. Check out our already-reviewed Propy roadmap and see for yourself!

It’s crucial to keep you updated by providing an easy and more user-friendly way to find all of the tools we provide to buyers, sellers, and agents so after a few months of development, we are now excited to launch a brand new and improved Propy website!

Ready to unbox our shiny Propy website? Let’s do it!

Introducing the new and improved Propy website

The real estate industry is ever-evolving and it can be difficult to keep track of the latest trends and technologies that help to make sales easier. That’s why Propy’s website recently underwent a complete makeover and now offers an improved user experience that allows buyers, sellers, and agents to take advantage of hassle-free and seamless property buying and selling processes. The revamped design works to enhance the customer’s involvement, giving them easy access to everything they need in order to compete in today’s housing market.

This updated interface allows users to close transactions faster and with greater safety than traditional methods, minimizing interruptions for buyers and sellers alike. Furthermore, this website provides an accessible way for agents, buyers, and sellers to carry out their activities in less time than ever before. This process allows anyone to enter the housing market confidently, knowing that their purchase will be secure and efficient.

Propy’s internal web3 division has set its sights on developing a dApp geared towards web3-natives. Our dApp will be entirely open-source, architected to be easily self-hosted or mirrored on decentralized storage protocols like IPFS. The primary purpose of this dApp will be to provide a dedicated portal for users to view and interact with Propy’s on-chain integrations – to deliver an offering that empowers Propy’s web3-native community members. We will be incentivizing community contributions to the codebase and experimenting with different approaches to create a collaborative & fun environment, adhering to web3-standards, with an emphasis on security and transparency. We look forward to sharing the Propy dApp with our community and will keep everyone updated with our progress toward this vision!

Fresh visuals for a tech-savvy look and feel

The Propy website has undergone a complete makeover and now offers an entirely new look and feel. The modern design is sleek, clean, and tech-savvy and offers users a much-improved user experience. From stunning visuals to intuitive navigation menus, has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail. Moreover, the entire website layout has been optimized for mobile devices so users can stay on top of their transactions even when they’re on the go.

The evolution of PRO

Token Distribution Details

WHO is eligible

People who were holding PRO tokens in their Ethereum wallets when the snapshot was taken on 7/19/22 (~9000 addresses). All ERC-20 wallets holding PRO on snapshot are eligible.

What is the Token Distribution

1 million total PRO token distributed to the addresses at the time of the snapshot, in amounts proportional to all holders, continuing until the giveaway token pool is depleted.

How to Claim

1. Go to the Propy web application:

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking the wallet icon in the upper right. Be sure it’s the same Ethereum wallet address that held any off-platform tokens at the time of the snapshot. The wallet login feature on Propy only supports MetaMask at the moment.

3. Users will be prompted to verify their accounts. Once this is validated they can withdraw to any address they input in their wallet at Propy. Follow the pop-up prompts to see how many tokens you are eligible to claim and begin the process.

4. Check new tokens in My PRO Balance and withdraw to any ERC20-type wallet after the 1y lock-up period or when you bring a closing on Propy.

Earlier withdrawal conditions:

  • • refer a property buyer who completes a closing and payment on Propy
  • • have a deedNFT or pNFT from Propy in the same wallet

If you had the tokens in a ledger device: Install MetaMask and connect the ledger with MetaMask via the import feature. Then you can use MetaMask to interact with the Propy dApp while still signing your transactions on your hardware wallet.

In case users have been using a different self-custodian Ethereum wallet (trust wallet, rainbow, and some others), then they will simply need to migrate their account to a MetaMask wallet in order to connect to the Propy platform and claim.

With its modern design and intuitive navigation menus, users can now close deals faster and more securely than ever before. Our team at Propy is dedicated to providing our customers with a unique encounter that taps into the potential of blockchain technology and provides a safe, secure, and efficient platform for all real estate transactions. We are so excited to share this improved version of our website!

Share with us on Twitter and Instagram how you like the new website! We can’t wait to see your first impressions!

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