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Agents Speak Out About Problems in Real Estate

Agents Speak Out About Problems in Real Estate

There are common problems within every industry, including real estate. Agents in this field are some of the most active workers. Below are three common complaints about careers in real estate. In each case, we will take a look at how Propy can help with these major job stressors.

Endless Emails and Paperwork

Agents are the go-between for buyers, financial companies, property owners, and many other participants in real estate transactions. As such, they receive constant messages from all parties, and they frequently must ferry documents from one individual to another. These processes cannot be eliminated, but Propy makes them easier to accomplish. With Propy‘s Transaction Management Platform, document signing and sharing are part of automated workflows, and communications between the parties are managed in one single place.

Mistrustful Clients

Clients are sometimes suspicious of real estate agents, even when agents are forthcoming. In these cases, using a platform such as Propy can help. Propy is a transparent and intuitive virtual space where clients can quickly see all of the hard work that their agents are doing; additionally, property buyers and sellers must collaborate with their agents to complete the process steps.

Always on Call

Many real estate agents are always on the clock. This type of lifestyle can be exhausting enough to strain their mental health and relationships with family and friends. Agents might never truly be able to turn off their phones, but Propy’s automation can help make their communications much more efficient. Whether it is screening leads, dealing with offers, or sharing documents, Propy’s platform takes over a significant portion of the communication burdens. So, while an agent still needs to be involved when using the platform to complete transactions, the actual time spent on the clock is greatly reduced.

Endless paperwork, mistrustful clients, and a 24/7 job are some of the most common complaints. Whatever the case might be, Propy’s Transaction Platform makes the property closing process simpler, more secure, and shorter in duration.

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