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Alter Ego Effect in Real Estate: 4 Things You Need to Know

Alter Ego Effect in Real Estate

An alter ego is an alternate personality for an individual who has charismatic characteristics. The individual can intentionally use the alter ego to achieve certain means. The alter ego can help to consciously alter the appearance, dressing style, and even behavior of the individual. Traditionally, artists, politicians, sports personalities, and entertainment media personalities engaged with their audiences via their alter egos. However, modern behavior studies have transformed the positive use of the alter ego effect to encompass all fields. This includes the real estate field.

Using Alter Ego Effect in Real Estate

The real estate business is no different from any other business or occupation. Therefore, the novices, as well as any professionals looking to further their game in the real estate business, can use the alter ego effect. This technique has the potential to have a positive effect on the professional life of the practitioners; additionally, it eases dealing with any personal dilemmas.

Using a Handle to Activate Your Alter Ego

Although it is not an absolute requirement, having a handle to signal the initiation of an alter ego is an effective strategy. This approach is called enclothed cognition. It can help to bring out an alter ego and all of the related characteristics.    

Overcome the Perceptive Hurdle

Generally, the public perceives a real estate investor to be a middle-aged white man. Therefore, anyone who does not fit this image can be at a disadvantage. However, the alter ego effect is the perfect tool to help break this mold and to pave your own path.

Personalize Your Communication

The manner of communication is of foremost importance in this age of information overload. Hence, it is essential that the intended audience is aware of the personalization of the message. An alter ego can help make this type of audience engagement more personalized. For example, a simple personalized correspondence via Facebook marketing campaign feeds is likely to get positive feedback from clients.

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