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April with Propy

Welcome to our latest edition of the Property Innovations Update! April 2024 has been a standout month, especially in the cryptocurrency realm due to the significant Bitcoin halving event. This pivotal event, which recalibrates the reward for mining new blocks, has repercussions throughout the entire crypto industry.

As April turns the page, we’re excited to share the progress and achievements our company has made in enhancing real estate through blockchain technology. Our focus has been on pushing the boundaries of real estate tokenization, a move set to transform how property investment operates.

Are you ready to dive into the innovations that are reshaping the property market? Let’s dive in.

The Latest News from PropyKeys

In April, we hit a home run by announcing a major milestone – PropyKeys have officially minted 150,000 NFTs!

This epic achievement could only happen with the superhero efforts of our team and the unbeatable support from our amazing community. As the buzz around real-world assets and tokenization continues to heat up, we’re already eyeing our next grand slam: 200,000 addresses minted on the blockchain.

Haven’t minted your address yet? No worries, click here and join the party – let’s make digital real estate history together!

Last month, we teamed up with one of the big kahunas in the crypto exchange world—Coinbase! With Coinbase diving deep into the Web3 adoption, and PropyKeys splashing onto the scene in Coinbase Wallets, users can now mint their property deeds directly on blockchain.

But why send your deed to the digital realm? In the fight against deed fraud – $400M lost in 2023 – onchain deeds offer a shield, ensuring an immutable record of ownership and can serve as evidence in courts if a county loses data.

Ready to armor up your deed? Just follow the steps here and turn your property documentation into Fort Knox!

$PRO Token

As 2024 zooms by, the buzz is all about real-world assets. In April, the crypto exchange BTSE listed Ptopy (PRO) token and gave more opportunities to its clients.

Additionally, our integration efforts have paid off, and we’re thrilled to announce that the bridged PRO token is now available on the Base, an Ethereum Layer 2 Network. This move opens up new possibilities for faster, more efficient transactions, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology with reduced costs and increased speed.

Propy featured by Inman

In April, our CEO, Natalia Karayaneva, shared her insights in an Inman article about the transformative impact of AI and blockchain on the real estate industry. She discussed how these technologies can benefit agents, buyers, and sellers by streamlining transactions, automating contract execution, enhancing security and transparency, and expanding global market outreach.

Interested in learning more about how these innovations are revolutionizing real estate? Read the full article here.

Propy Webinar

We are immensely proud to have hosted a pivotal webinar specifically designed for real estate agents, who are at the heart of our focus. This event was organized in response to the latest updates from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which centered around the pressing topic of “The Truth About Commission Lawsuits.”

This forum provided a unique opportunity for real estate agents to openly share their thoughts on recent commission changes and discuss their visions for the future of the industry. Additionally, our Propy team was thrilled to contribute, offering actionable tips and tricks to assist buyer’s agents in attracting the right clients and enhancing their business operations.

As we move from a dynamic April into an even more promising May, the Propy team is charged with anticipation for what lies ahead.

We’re poised to embrace new opportunities and innovations that will further revolutionize the real estate landscape.

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