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Best Coffee Cities in the United States

Best Coffee Cities in the United States

When buying a new property, some people favor traits like the school system, safety, and job availability. Others, however, may choose the city with the best cup of joe. If you fall into this latter group, then you are in luck, because we are going over the top five best coffee cities in the United States. For the know-it-alls out there, hold your tongue, because there are a few surprises on this list.

Best Coffee Cities

Portland, Oregon

It is no secret that hipsters love good coffee. As Portland is essentially the capital of all things hip in America, it makes sense why the small Northwestern city makes the list. Anchored by the now-famous Stumptown Roasters, Portland has hundreds of cafes to feed the growing coffee obsession.

Seattle, Washington

Earlier, we said that there would be some surprises on this list, but this certainly is not one of them. Seattle is arguably the birthplace of modern cafe culture. As the home of the world-famous Starbucks, Seattle continues to provide the goods for high-quality caffeinated drinks. If Starbucks is not your thing, there are hundreds of independent roasters from which to choose. Milstead & Co., Elm Coffee Roasters, and Bulletproof are just a few that help local residents survive the rainy days of Seattle all year long. However, if you are looking for a good cafe town with the climate to match it, then you will love the next city on this list.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco was home to the first wave of coffee. Now, it is known for coffee that has been brewed with care and attention. Unique preparation methods have rocketed Ritual Coffee Roasters, Sightglass Coffee, and Four Barrel Coffee to international fame. Coupled with a favorable climate year-round, San Francisco is a java lover’s dream. However, this pricey location will set your bank account back a bit.

Vancouver, WA

Just a few driving hours south of Seattle, WA, you will find another hip caffeine hotspot. Often overlooked by the Canadian city of the same name, Vancouver in Washington is truly a town dedicated to coffee. It boasts of many third-wave shops that focus on fostering communities. As surprised as you might be to see Vancouver, Washington, on this list, the next city will surely have you scratching your head. (Hint: It is not the east coast city that you were expecting.)

Berkeley, CA

Berkeley is famous for a lot of things, but most outsiders do not think of it for its cafe culture. However, Berkeley is the home of the second wave of coffee, which Peet’s started back in 1966. Peet’s can now be found all over the United States, even in New York City, which many thought would take the number one spot on this list; however, perhaps high rent and franchise competition drove out all of the best roasters in the NYC area.

Either way, if starting the day with a supreme cup of java is your thing, then head to today. Search for your dream house in one of America’s best coffee cities.

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