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Propy 2023-2024 Roadmap: Closings, Community to Participate…

This roadmap outlines the goals of driving innovation and the vision of the future of the real estate industry forward in 2023. It focuses on user experience for closings of transactions, the Web3 initiatives around security, oracles, and community participation

February with Propy

Propy made major strides in February, revolutionizing the fashion industry with our team’s involvement in New York Fashion Week. Additionally, we ventured to Dubai – a metabolic center of innovation as well as crypto capital – to explore global real

Webinar #148: Smart Real Estate Investing

Propy Webinar #148: Smart Real Estate Investing Kris Pope, Head of Sales at Propy, and Kirsten Heslop, Senior Account Executive at Propy Title are joined by Kylie Pont and Brad Patterson to discuss the key benefits of real estate investing.

Propy Labs at NY Fashion Week

With the metaverse growing in popularity, Propy is excited to see how it will revolutionize not only the real estate and tech industry but also the design industry. Сreated by Midjourney AI Propy was proud to be part of Vivienne

Best States to Invest in Real Estate in 2023

With the real estate market always fluctuating, it’s important to know which states offer the best investment opportunities for 2023. If you’re looking to buy a property in the year ahead, here are the top 3 states that you should

Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding the Home Closing Process

The home closing process can be overwhelming and intimidating for many especially if agents are closing a real estate transaction for the first time. The process is the final step in the home-buying journey, and everyone needs to understand each

January 2023 with Propy

January was a busy month for us here at Propy, with plenty of news and updates rolling in. We developed many new platform features allowing our customers to experience maximum efficiency in their real estate transactions. Our advanced blockchain technology

2023: Four Technology Trends for Real Estate Agents

2023 is here and we are all excited about what is yet to come. In 2022 we saw a ton of things happening – from high inflation to the highest interest rates in 40 years. These factors affected the mortgage