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The World's 1st Blockchain-enabled Title & Escrow

April with Propy

The month is over, but before we get too far into May, here are a few highlights to share. Second US NFT Sale This NFT was a perfect investment property, located in the heart of Hyde Park in Tampa! This

Propy and the Power of Real Property NFTs

How often do you shop online? How often do you pay with your credit card? If the answer is almost every day, then how would you feel if you could buy or sell a home entirely online, with just a

Behind the Scenes of Propy: Update for Q1 22

The first quarter is over and it seems that now is the right time to take a deeper overview of Propy’s accomplishments in the last months. The first US real property NFT In February we made history by auctioning the

Agents Ramping Up Their Crypto & Blockchain Knowledge in Real Estate

Join Propy’s CRO Joe Budelli as he talks with three agents about Propy’s Crypto Certified Agent course and how this certification has benefitted them. Background on Speakers Phillip Calloway is the broker/owner of Influencers Realty Group, a small boutique brokerage

Don’t Overlook the Micro Markets

In this episode, Propy’s CRO, Joe Budelli is joined by Mike Valerio, Director of Operations New Western Acquisitions for a fast-paced conversation about micro markets. Learn why your marketing dollars go further in a micro market, and how agents can

Propy now accepts Digital Earnest Money Transfers

Eliminating paper checks or wire fraud concerns New integrated-payment functionality makes Propy the first end-to-end transaction solution in the industry Propy, the premier Offer and Transaction platform, can now accept digital earnest money transfers directly through its platform, eliminating the