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How to Begin a Real Estate Brokerage Quickly and Painlessly

After long years of experience, don’t you feel like you deserve to take the next step? Trying to make the switch between two challenging careers can be a lot to handle. However, this transition is definitely achievable, with the right

Corporate Real Estate Jobs: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

Corporate Real Estate Jobs: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

When most people think about becoming a real estate agent, their minds immediately jump to the classic image of a residential agent. However, that is not the only type of job in the field. Alternatively, agents can specialize in corporate

How to Earn More in Real Estate

There are plenty of adages and sayings about how happiness is the most essential thing in life. Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t pay the bills. Or, does it? According to a recent survey, job satisfaction is one of the most significant factors

Top 3 Most Profitable Niches in Real Estate

While real estate agents can make good salaries, there is no doubt that specializing in particular niches can be lucrative. However, not all niches lead to higher wages. For example, affordable housing agents tend to have lower salaries. If you

How Much a Decent Real Estate Agent Makes

How Much a Decent Real Estate Agent Makes

Passion for our jobs is one thing, but we still have to pay the bills. As much as real estate is a fantastic industry with incredible opportunities, potential agents have to make sure that their careers can support their families.