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Buying vs. Renting Real Estate: Pros and Cons

Buying vs. renting real estate: pros and cons

The real estate industry has faced its ups and downs, but it has never gone out of vogue. Buying a house is still the American Dream. Nevertheless, current market trends and mortgage rates favor renting real estate. Having a clear list of the pros and cons involved in buying or renting real estate can help you make your decision.

Pros of Renting Real Estate

Positive factors involved in renting real estate include the liberty to relocate, nonexistent maintenance expenses, and relief from all of the proprietor expenses. Below are more details about these factors.

Of course, the most enticing prospect of renting is the freedom to relocate. Tenants are not bound for 30 years to a specific area. They are free to explore foreign job opportunities, better locations, and improved conditions in general. Renting with month-to-month or 12-month leases provides psychological freedom to further explore living possibilities.

Even more, with renting, there are nonexistent maintenance expenses. You do not need to deal with the maintenance staff. Indeed, getting almost all of the maintenance for your residence done for free by the landlord is a beautiful perk.

Additionally, renting can relieve you from all of the proprietor expenses. The timely payments to be made for the mortgage, insurance, and taxes are hassles that are not on the list of tenant concerns.

Being free from all of these expenses provides you with the freedom to invest your time and money into other projects. If you prefer this, then renting is an attractive prospect.

Cons of Renting Real Estate

The negative factors include no sense of ownership, potentially unfavorable lease agreements, forced relocation, and rules and restrictions. Some of these factors might cause you to reconsider renting real estate.

The biggest negative factor when it comes to renting is the lack of ownership. The tenant might live half of a century in a home that has a favorable lease agreement, but the tenant will still not be able to call that place his or her own.

Lease agreements are binding and they must be followed, no matter how much of a nuisance they are. Moreover, the ever-increasing rise in rental payments can cause the rents to be more than the neighbors’ fixed mortgage payments.

Even more, renting real estate can become risky if the perfect rentals need to be evacuated due to property sales. This is distressing and hurts the tenants financially. In these cases, tenants must look for new rental options with limited amounts of time and resources.

Furthermore, many rentals have strict rules about pets, redecoration, and remodeling. Following these rules can put a huge damper on the tenant’s lifestyle.  

Pros of Buying Real Estate

Positive factors involved in buying real estate include ownership and profit. The best part about buying is a sense of ownership. There are no rules and regulations, and one can redecorate and remodel the house. Furthermore, real estate can become an important part of the family’s heritage. Additionally, buying real estate might be cheaper in the long run, as the real estate taxes are fully deductible in the tax benefits. Many cities around the country offer economical interest rates for real estate, making ownership more cost-effective. Besides, with clever remodeling, the reselling price of the property can increase.    

Cons of Buying Real Estate

There are negative factors when it comes to buying real estate, including hidden costs, responsibility, property taxes, insurance charges, and the inconvenience of relocation. There are a plethora of hidden costs facing the homeowners, such as maintenance, upkeep, renovation, and many more. Furthermore, homeowners are responsible for their properties, so they have more stress on top of their expenses. With all of the property taxes and insurance charges on top of the mortgage payments, buying a house can become more expensive than renting a house. If the going gets tough or if new opportunities arrive, it is not convenient for homeowners to move on to another property.

Before you make the decision of renting or buying real estate, please consider the pros and cons. Make sure that you know about the hidden costs, rules, and restrictions ahead of time.

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