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Contactless Deals: How DocuSign and RON Help You Close Remotely

Technologies like DocuSign and RON are more than just a signature process. They are key to digital transformation. Many businesses and companies have switched to DocuSign and RON to delight their partners, customers, and staff with an upgraded and better way to run operations. Real estate is no exception.

DocuSign is an innovative strategy that allows real estate agents to securely and quickly make agreements and close the deals, no matter where they are. They can take the approval digitally from almost any part of the world, particularly on any device. It is not only simple-to-use but also straightforward to implement even when the workflow is complicated.  

That is to say, if you’re a brokerage or real estate agent and looking for a technology that can help you close the deals, DocuSign and RON can automate everything and keep your business moving. 

Not sure how it works? Keep on reading to find out.

Ron (Remote Online Notarization) and DocuSign-All You Need To Know

What is DocuSign

DocuSign is an automated, fast, and reliable way to sign documents, contracts, and agreements electronically on any device. Real estate agents can use it from anywhere. 

Whether they’re getting into the partnership of a new project or signing a contract for a home remodel, DocuSign is easy-to-use. With the contactless deals, they don’t have to get into the hassle of signing papers physically.

That means agents can prepare and send contracts and documents to partners to sign using this advanced technology.  It allows them to guide the partners on signing by setting “sign here” tags and setting signs in order. 

DocuSign also enables you to upload the signed contracts from anywhere virtually and return the documents. It is compatible with apps like Outlook, Google Drive, and Microsoft Word.

What is RON

Remote online notarization is a necessary fraud-deterrent process. It typically helps real estate agents ensure that all the transactional documents and contracts are authentic and trusted. A Notary Public performs this process. It is the state that authorizes, certifies, and maintains accurate records for transactions. This may include legal, financial, and real property transactions. 

The process is a proven way to make sure that a document is valid, and its signature is authentic. Also, it assures that the signer has signed the document without any intimidation. 

How DocuSign and RON Work to Close Deal

Remote Online Notarization or RON, coupled with DocuSign, allows real estate agents to get their documents notarized virtually from anywhere. That means the agents can continue to do business without any face-to-face interactions and close the deals remotely. 

However, before you start the RON process, your organization must understand the specific notary regulations and laws of the state jurisdiction you live in. The notary is responsible for validating and verifying the signer’s identity, recording the sessions, and ensuring that everyone follows state regulations for all the remote online notarizations.

Summing up

All in all, the digital processes like DocuSign and RON not only can automate the contracts but also eliminate papers.  You can measure turnaround in minutes. Contact Propy for more information or visit our website to explore more about contactless deals.

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