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Create a Lead Generation Real Estate Marketing Plan Using 3 Key Tips

Create a Lead Generation Real Estate Marketing Plan Using 3 Key Tips

With a lead generation real estate marketing plan, you can make 2019 your most profitable year. To do this, you will need to develop a strategic program with attainable goals. Additionally, the program will create accountability with measurable outcomes. Certainly, a strong plan will help you focus your time on the tasks that matter. Thus, you will be able to focus on your clients and to build stronger partnerships.

Create a Marketing Vision

Develop a vision for your real estate business. Goals might include: winning the Top Performer award from your firm, targeting a niche of sellers and buyers, or retiring in 7 years. Additionally, you should create measurable goals. These might include: obtaining 25 listings a quarter, gaining 50 percent name recognition in your key market area, or leveraging past customers to get 65 percent referrals.

Differentiation: Use Your Real Estate Marketing Plan to Stand out from the Competition

Every successful marketing plan should include key points about what makes you different from the competition. Define unique qualities and skills to make potential customers choose you. Key differentiators might include: education, residency, or leadership. Education might include relevant backgrounds in finance or law, and residency might be in the community that you serve. Your leadership might come from serving on a panel for a professional group or from leading charitable initiatives.

Create Measurable Actions and Time Frames

Create goals for each quarter. These goals should help you meet the objectives in your marketing vision. After each quarter, determine what works and what requires change. Then, define your budget for marketing initiatives and for measuring the success of these initiatives. To measure success, you can follow up with referrals and confirm how they heard about you, track responses so that you can tie them back to your marketing initiatives, and ensure that you are only spending money on effective strategies.

Create a winning real estate marketing plan that helps you manage your time wisely. The plan will help you focus your attention on the marketing strategies that work, as well as create accountability. In addition, it will allow you to track and to adjust your goals. This type of program will also prove to be beneficial in future years, as you continue to grow your real estate business.

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