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Elon Musk and Real Estate: 5 Properties That Belong to the Billionaire

Elon Musk and Real Estate: 5 Properties That Belong to the Billionaire

It is not precisely known how many homes Tesla CEO Elon Musk possesses through his various companies and joint ventures (or with his ex-wives). However, as an individual, Musk has five houses in Bel-Air. Musk might not have achieved his goal of bringing human habitation to Mars yet, but he is already well-established in the richest neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. Let us take a look at the five homes that Elon Musk owns; perhaps, it will give you some clues about what the multi-billionaire might buy next.

House #1: Main Residence Purchased in 2012

Elon Musk lives in the first Bel-Air home that he bought back in 2012. This 20,248 square foot domicile cost a cool $17 million back then. It has a tennis court, a massive entertainment center, and a deluxe version of basically anything else you could imagine in a massive modern home. Although Musk continues to buy properties in Bel-Air, he shows no indication of moving out of his current house just yet.

House #2: The Old Gene Wilder Home

Gene Wilder of Willy Wonka fame died in the early part of this decade. The lauded actor had amassed quite a fortune during his long life, and he left behind an impressive Bel-Air estate. Elon jumped on an appealing real estate opportunity and bought the mansion for $6.5 million in 2013. Surprisingly, instead of moving into the beautiful piece of property, Musk converted the building into a school for his five sons who study there today with their private tutors.

Houses #3 and #4: Two More Bel Air Mansions

Though their stories are not as colorful, the two Bel-Air mansions that Elon Musk bought in 2015 are certainly valuable. He picked up these pieces of real estate for $4.3 and $20 million, respectively.

House #5: The Big House Next Door

Elon Musk’s latest Bel-Air home was purchased for $6.4 million; it had not been publicly listed on the market. The property is most notable for being located directly next door to another Bel-Air home that Elon Musk bought.

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