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Emotional Intelligence in the Real Estate Industry

Emotional intelligence in the real estate industry

IQ is an intelligence score. If you score 160 or over, you are considered to be a genius. Most people have an average IQ, and they fall within the range of 90-109. I do not know my IQ, but I do not expect it to be on a genius level. I consider myself to have average intelligence. On the other hand, my emotional intelligence, which is the ability to maintain your emotions under pressure, is extremely high. Here’s how to maintain a high level of emotional intelligence in the real estate industry.

Maintaining a High Level of Emotional Intelligence in the Real Estate Industry

Morning Routine

Every morning I wake up around 3-4 a.m. and do the same or a similar routine to keep me grounded and to ensure a positive mindset throughout the day. My morning routine consists of reading, journal writing, praying, some exercise, some mediation, and goal setting or goal review. I get up early and maintain a routine because it helps me maintain a high level of emotional intelligence in the real estate industry.

Avoid Difficult People

Emotional intelligence includes the amazing ability to be steady under pressure. Difficult people, especially in real estate, can leave you flustered and annoyed. This can ruin an entire day, week, or month. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not that smart. However, I have suffered many hardships in my life. Incredibly, I have overcome an extreme amount of illness, poverty, despair, and loss. I did it by avoiding difficult people and negative people.

As a real estate entrepreneur, you have the option to choose where you work and the people with whom you work. If it’s more of an uphill battle to get along or to begin a transaction with a difficult prospect, it’s best to walk away and to end the relationship. Your emotional intelligence is more important than any amount of money. This mindset also goes for family and friends. If they are toxic, you should love at a distance.

Emotional Intelligence in the real estate industry

Millionaire Mindset for Emotional Intelligence

Millionaires do not have high IQs, on average. Most are just ordinary people who have high emotional intelligence. They do not stress over small problems, they keep going no matter what, and they are flexible enough to be able to easily adapt to change. They avoid watching television, especially the news, and they read an excessive number of books. Acquire a millionaire mindset to help you stabilize your emotions while you work in the real estate industry.

In conclusion, maintaining a high level of emotional intelligence is not difficult to do. It can change your life and help you succeed in real estate.

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